Backstage Reaction In WWE To CM Punk’s Upcoming “Talking Dead” Appearance

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2014 21 Comments

As previously reported, CM Punk will be making his first television appearance since walking out on WWE, when he appears on AMC’s “Talking Dead” this Sunday night.

According to one report, there is a certain level of bitterness within WWE towards Punk for appearing on the show. The general consensus seems to be that if Punk is able to travel to Los Angeles to appear on that show, he should have been able to come to RAW in his hometown of Chicago to at least talk with someone in person.

Additionally, there’s apparently a feeling of uncertainty due to the fact that nobody knows what Punk will say, if anything, about his WWE status.


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    • SirLoinCloth

      He’s no longer in the WWE. Why should they care about what he does now? Let it go. He’s (most likely) done with the WWE.

      • Will $teel

        hes still under contract so he has obligations. Pretty cryass thing he did

        • Data Crusader

          Cryass? Haha wow…

          • Will $teel

            he walked out on da company that made him millions and a superstar. witout WWE 95% of wrestling fans would have no idea he existed so yes hes bein a cryass n a “spoiled brat” like Shamrock said

            • joshidanger

              With out WWE 95% would not know who he is. That is the most retarded thing that I have ever heard, maybe 95% of the wwe universe. He was huge with the IWC before wwe and he will continue.

            • Will $teel

              yes but IWC is not MILLIONS of people like he is now known. I was actually generous with saying 5% its more like 1%.

            • Bertaut

              Joshidanger has a point. Most of the WWE universe don’t know who Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, AJ Styles, Nigel McGuinness are. That doesn’t mean anything in terms of talent or recognition. The “WWE Universe” does not equal “all wrestling fans.”

            • Will $teel

              exactly which is y i said 95% not all. Look at ROH n then look at WWE Ratings MILLIONS more kno Punk cuz of WWE that is a fact

            • joshidanger

              So out of the billions and billions of people in this world you seem to think that it is impossible that there are a couple million fans on the internet (IWC related) Who knew Daniel Bryan when he was bryan danielson or shit even over in japan where he was known as the American Dragon. Unfortunatly sir, you are a jackass.

            • joshidanger

              My bad was replying to many posts at once. I meant to say Punk. He was in ROH TNA and many others, with a billion wrestling fans in the world. It makes me wonder why a couple million would a long shot.

            • Bulkster

              If you got to the WWE’s Facebook page, you will realize how small and insignificant we as the IWC truly are. If you’re not in the WWE you might as be pumping gas.

            • msk343

              a company that made him millions… the way you say it as if he got all the money for free… he wrestled at the highest level each and every night. and cut the best promos during his time. (he is still the 2nd highest merchandise seller in wwe shop ya know)

        • Cryass

          I will now stalk you from post to post and remind you of your new contribution to the English language. Hee hee hee!!!!!!

          • Will $teel

            thnkx bruh i preciate it so much dis is jus a such a honor id like 2 thnx da good lawd n most of all, my fans n my kin…haha

            • Mufc

              Your English is bad and you should feel bad

            • Will $teel

              lol that was the point good sir

        • msk343

          he did not “walk out”.. he took a sabbatical till this summer when his contract expires.. i heard he did talk with vince before leaving

    • The Angry Wrestling Fan

      Why would they talk to Punk about his WWE status? They’re there to talk about killing the hell outta zombies for fuck’s sake! Love the walking dead tho

    • CS99

      Haters gonna hate, Punk’s gonna ball!

    • Pinmepayme

      Seriously, it’s over, he’s gone, time to move on.

    • ownage89

      Vince mcmahon went on the record saying hes taking a sebbatical meaning an indefinant leave of absence with no date set to return but will be back

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