Backstage Reason WWE Is Stacking The Deck For The Hell In A Cell PPV

Posted by Matt Boone October 8, 2013 7 Comments

The reason WWE is stacking the deck so heavily at the upcoming WWE Hell In A Cell pay-per-view is due to reported concerns that they may have alienated their pay-per-view buying audience with the way they have handled the main event situation on the past couple of pay-per-views.

As noted previously, fans demanded refunds following the recent WWE Night Of Champions pay-per-view due to the fact that they paid for a finish that was completely erased and overturned less than 24 hours later on the free WWE RAW television show that followed the next night. Additionally, fans were loudly chanting “refund, refund” after the non-finish to Sunday’s WWE Battleground pay-per-view in Buffalo.

Due to the fact that WWE has handled the main events, which are what pay-per-views are largely sold on, so poorly at their last few shows, the feeling in the company is they need to regain that trust with their pay-per-view buying audience at Hell In A Cell, which is why there seems to be such emphasis on guaranteeing a legitimate finish in the main event, as well as other major selling points to support it underneath. Basically, the company is stacking the deck so heavily that it pretty much guarantees that anyone who buys the show this time will get their money’s worth.

For those reasons, WWE has brought back John Cena earlier than expected for a match against Alberto Del Rio, as well as guaranteed a new WWE Champion in the third-straight pay-per-view main event between Randy Orton and Daniel Bryan. While they basically guaranteed a winner for the same match at Battleground, they are stressing that this match will be in a Hell In A Cell, which assures viewers that there will be no outside interference, and they have Shawn Michaels as a special guest referee to give further confidence to their fans that there will be a legitimate outcome this time around.


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    • Rockman Rex

      Of course. The fans lost trust in the product and the outcome of the last few ppv main events. PPV are not what it used to be. Raw and SD is getting stagnant. Its been a “meh” year for the WWE. Writers need to step or get fresh ones with good ideas. I say take up on Goldberg interest and give him the “Brock” schedule. Bring back MVP. Bring in Matt Morgan. Stir things up a little and get a little edgy PG -13 style. That would be the recipe for better shows and ratings. Ya dig???

      • Derp.

        I don’t think Goldberg or Matt Morgan would do anything good. If anything Goldberg would be good for one solid storyline and once that’s over, there isn’t much to do with him. As for Matt Morgan, I don’t see anything he could possibly bring to the table. We already have enough giants and he isn’t a very good wrestler. He’s a powerhouse, but so what? We’ve got enough of those, too. He has no personality and no gimmick. Bringing back MVP is a good idea, though.

    • Nicholas Williams

      So it looks like at HIAC John Cena is going to become the new World Heavyweight Champion. Also I dont see HBK playing a heel role ever again… so if the finish it tarnished…. again… it will be due to the ego that is HHH.

    • just me

      I honestly have had no problem with the last 2 ppv endings. As a promoter/former wrestler myself I know what makes them coming back. You idiots who claim WWE screwed you, did you not tune in Monday to see what came next?? Yes you did. Sometimes a title program like this is a very good one. It makes you crave more next time, and now you’re guaranteed to see a finish to this feud. WWE did a great job with the finish, and the blackout was not their fault, but they played that one out good as well on Raw with Steph blaming Maddox. All in all it was a decent show. Grow up and be thankful for the product.

      • the wrestlers opinion

        the JUST ME guy has no knowledge nor is a former wrestler if u look carefully at the rating it has crashed, its doing 2.6 very low. people are fed up of non finishes and dont want to know in raw what happening next , because in their mind daniel bryan will be screwed again and this will continue to till royal rumbe. bad for business

    • Stuart Moulding

      Living in the UK I was lucky where battleground was concerned because it was on Sky sports rather than box office. Had I had to pay for it though I would have been pissed off, I was an ending worthy of Raw or Smackdown but not a PPV

    • Mike Nickas-Jean

      A lot of people are pissed about Cena returning for the WHC, but I’m actually excited. I’ll admit Cena’s persona it very tiring, but Del Rio has done nothing but bore the hell out of me, as a heel and face. It seems like the same stuff over and over again with him and Ricardo and his other fueds. His reign as WHC has to either come to an end or get a serious push from a HUGE name in the locker room, also so that the World Title could be taken seriously again like it used to be. I’m actually gonna be at this PPV in Miami, which makes me excited as hell to see something good hopefully happen in the end of a lot of these feuds.

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