Resentment Towards The Rock, New Opponents for Kane & Bryan?

Posted by Matt Boone March 13, 2013 17 Comments

- Many people backstage at RAW were talking about WWE Champion The Rock not being there. Several of The Rock’s co-workers are upset at the fact that he’s not going to be in attendance for 2 of the last big 4 shows going into WrestleMania 29. There was already some resentment over him being in the WrestleMania main event again but him not being there each week isn’t helping things.

– On Monday, WWE officials discussed having Dolph Ziggler and Big E Langston vs. Kane and Daniel Bryan for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 29. This is why Langston attacked Daniel Bryan. By what happened at the SmackDown tapings last night, it looks like they are moving forward with this plan.

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    • morrisonfanone

      So even people backstage are getting ticked over Rock not being there? Can’t really say I blaim them. Wouldn’t it be redundent for Ziggler to be MITB and the tag champ? And Big E deserves no title any time soon.

      • Ice

        Though it will be kinda funny if Ziggler becomes a tag champ and becomes a World Heavyweight champ on the same night

      • LBlock18

        is there a reason Big E doesn’t deserve a title? The tag title at that hum….i think i know why

    • ssStyles13

      I see peoples point about the Rock. John cena is going 2 win the,title anyway. Besides no one says anything about brock lesner.Now on Ziggler it makes no sense 4 him 2 go after the tag belts.Especially if he cashes the money in the bank.Oh yeah and Big Waste i mean big E he is terrible and deserves nothing close to a championship

      • Ravenx

        What about the diva’s title?

        • Kage

          I don’t think WWE even knows what the Diva’s Title is.

      • Kage

        The thing I like about Brock Lesnar is that he doesn’t pretend to be something he’s not.
        He’s an ass-kicker that cares about no-one but himself. He took advantage of WWE, and it paid off for him.
        Also, the guy is actually entertaining to watch. He can still go, unlike the Rock – who sucks more wind than a turbine during his matches.

    • Rick Richardson

      I am a big Rock fan, but as wwe champion he needs to show up and i don’t blame the folks backstage.

    • scottjschilling

      The Rock has movies to promote. The people backstage should’ve expected that Rock is not going to be at every single Raw taping. Get over yourselves people.

      • LBlock18

        thamk you at least someone understands the wrestlers are just jealous that between his movies and limited appearances he makes more than everyone

      • Kage

        That’s the entire point.

        The Rock came back to WWE for a huge paycheck, the spotlight (who could forget the horrid 39th birthday RAW?), WM main events, and the WWE title…

        …whilst STILL wanting to be a movie star. The guy unjustly ended CM Punk’s reign (an acomplishment that could have been given to a deserving talent ready to break through the glass ceiling), has only competed in one match since becoming champ, rarely appears at RAW, and flat-out no-shows house shows. His promos are nothing but shameless pandering to whatever city he’s in, as well as tired insults.

        …Unfortunately, he’s a proven draw – which is what matters most to Vince. However, it will backfire on him in the long run. He is constantly pulling-out the ‘nostalgia act’ whenever the ratings need a boost – instead of making the effort of building new stars.

    • Edge

      How come they don’t start to build WM card 4-6 months before it but do it 5 minutes before the WM?No wonder wrestlers are pitching their own ideas to creative team..they suck at being creative,they can’t give anything solid or even meaningful.I mean why Ziggler is going into tag match when there’s Jericho.They want Ziggler to be a’s fine,i get that but in the end if he must be in a match just for being in one why not put him against Miz or Christian or even Kofi Kingston?Don’t ruin the already ruined.

      • Kage

        Yeah, like you said.

        Creative are simply idiots. Or more specifically, Vince is an idiot – as he has the final say on everything.
        This is the same guy who instructed Cole and Lawler to bury the Y2J/Miz/Barrett segment on RAW, as if it was somehow their fault. No, it WASN’T their fault. The guys were forced to follow a shitty script that was approved by Vince himself.
        Seriously, what does that say when a wrestling promoter is willing to degrade his own product? No wonder ratings are going down the toilet…

    • Josh

      It’s called Sour Grapes.

    • Wwesaveus

      WWE or WEE as many like to call it, because there pissing there viewers off.
      I grew up loving this so much. We talk about the attitude era ? wasn’t that basically soap Oprah yea we loved wrestling but had our own sit down TV series with plots and story’s that went week to week. Yes some say it will never be like that. Remember when Coke changed the recipe ? but people wanted no sorry demanded the real thing back. I’m sure coke makes so much more the WEE, but they listened. We hear all these things about the rock not being there we had to expect this. I don’t know if its Vince or what making the shots but when has the last real come back happened someone gone for a couple of years came back succeeded and stayed I mean stayed. Not just given the belt and change it, yes i know it wasn’t the Rock that changed it most likly Vince but when Cena was a good thing you gave him a brand new belt least you got years with that idea. the Rocks belt means nothing when his gone. anyway best come back I’m thinking HBK. Others have tried and suffered Big Show then book him to loose against Mayweather, Jericho well I hear there’s a local promotion traveling by Camels I’m sure Y2J would loss to them. Cause that’s what he does trying to push young talent over by giving them a win wake up you loose all the time what would it matter if anyone bet you. Brock Lesnar big draw card but let’s make Cena fell better. Punk vs Lesnar with Heymand undecided who’s corner to be in at mania. Anyway I’ve talked to much let me know if you want to here more.

      • WaybakRiBack

        Jobber Jericho Bob Backland was at WWE head quarters looks like you got your Mania match booked SOFT

    • Foley’sSockSitter

      WWE is WEE classic. Yep it seems the wrestlers coming back that could make a huge difference just care for the money. Oh you forgot about Swagger he came back big in big trouble. Like your comments WWESAVEUSALL

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