Backstage Update On Bray Wyatt Turning Babyface, Plans For The Shield

Posted by Matt Boone April 22, 2014 9 Comments

Despite the feeling coming out of last night’s RAW being that Bray Wyatt is in store for a babyface turn, the plan is to keep him a heel for the time being.

The thought behind The Wyatt Family right now is to keep them heel until The Shield turns heel, so the two sides will continue to remain on opposite sides of the fence, with the obvious exception of Roman Reigns, who as noted will eventually be split off and turned into a singles babyface competitor.

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    • Unknown

      Imo they should keep the shield as one and have them be the evolution of this generation and winning every championship to make them even more over with the crowd. Together these guys are really amazing

      • CorporateMinistry

        maybe Bray will end up tagging with his brother Bo Dallas…hopefully not but that would be something the current brass would do.

        • Kris Godwin

          To be fair, Bo’s been pretty entertaining since turning heel.

    • Bulkster

      What would a face Wyatt Family do? Will Bray turn from his cult leader ways?

    • Canuck 703

      I like The Shield & The Wyatt Family both as heels but of course proved to new & intresting as well as confusing to all the simple minded fans !!

    • Ted Gal

      I hope not

    • Steve Taylor

      When the Shield turn heel………………they’ve only just turned face……………………..although Wyatt should be Heel for a while yet.

    • Chafra

      Roman Reigns is the next big thing, he will splinter off and eventually become a Huge Superstar. He’s got the total package.

    • Will Olson

      Changing the wyatt family is not really going to work. It will not be the same. Look at the horsemen, as heels, awesome! As faces, boring. Flair can play the fence man, but, the team as a whole needs to be heel. Same with wyatts. Waaay too soon for turn or break up.

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