Backstage Update On CM Punk: WWE Officials “Not Unhappy” He’s Gone, WMXXX

Posted by Matt Boone February 3, 2014 10 Comments

According to, there are a number of people behind-the-scenes in WWE right now that are said to be “not unhappy” that CM Punk is gone. Apparently there has been a lot of negativity towards Punk from many people in the company.

As noted previously, Vince McMahon is personally handling the Punk situation. McMahon reportedly wants Punk to stay because he feels like there aren’t many top Superstars in the company right now.

Regarding WrestleMania XXX, the feeling is that Punk knew the company was aware that his contract expires in July, and that he wasn’t expected to re-sign, meaning he felt like he knew what direction his match against Triple H would head as a result.


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    • ???

      McMahon reportedly wants Punk to stay because he feels like there aren’t many top Superstars in the company right now

      Yeah thats because vince only pushes cena damn vince get your head out of your ass and push your younger talent

      • tangledfan2400

        they won’t though…no matter how sick and tired, we are of “Super Cena”, as long as the “Let’s go Cena” chants, precede the “Cena sucks” chants, then Vince will be content, with having Cena be the top face, and poster child of the WWE. :|

    • chrissi calvert

      Well if Vince & co STOPPED pushing Cena, Orton, the old part timers & returnees to the company maybe the fans wouldnt be ready to riot.

      • D

        Nobody’s going to riot. Everyone’s just going to whine and complain, then tune into RAW anyways.

        • Not Chris Jericho

          Speak for yourself. I haven’t watch a live show in years. WWE’s only real appeal in this modern era is it’s DVD releases which remain outstanding. If they release a career set of William Regal, then I’ll consider giving them my valuable tv time. (and no, I don’t watch TNA either, and ROH has turned to shit recently too. America is without quality wrestling atm sans Daniel Bryan and others not getting what they deserve)

          • D

            Your “valuable” Tv time isn’t as valuable as you think. Tickets are still selling, PPVs are selling but with the Network launching, PPV’s are going to be a thing of the past now…bottom line is, they pushed Bryan into a prominent spot and have given him 3-4 decent title runs (sans the last one, which was for storyline purposes) and have kept him at the forefront for over a year now. They’ve treated the guy a lot better than many of their other stars.

    • D

      Meh, Punk is a good wrestler but he’s hardly the kind of guy you build a big show around. He’s perfect for the lower level indy companies out there but not the number one promotion in the world.

      • troll

        totally agree. good riddance.

      • Not Chris Jericho

        It doesn’t have to do with him being “THE” guy, its about him once again being buried in the undercard and not pushing any new stars. Orton and Cena headlining main events years after anyone cares about seeing them, Batista winning the Rumble after years of people even remembering him, and the fact that the overall direction of talent development is bogged down in catering to the old, heated egos of Vince’s legion of Yes men. I’d be pissed too.

        • D

          The guy got a title run of over 400 days, Paul Heyman as a manager, a feud with Brock Lesnar, Ryback’s (at the time) overness being sacrificed to him, 2 matches with the Rock, the Taker match at Mania last year AND a 3-ON-1 win over the entire Shield. The guy sure has been buried, huh?

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