Backstage Update On John Cena Taking Time Off To Repair His Injured Elbow

Posted by Matt Boone August 19, 2013 9 Comments

The word going around backstage at SummerSlam in Los Angeles on Sunday night is that former WWE Champion John Cena will be taking time off soon. As noted previously, Cena is scheduled to have his injured ellbow surgically repaired.

Normally, when Cena is injured and supposed to take time off to heal, he rushes through the process to get back to work quicker than he should. This time, however, the talk is that Cena will actually allow himself the proper amount of time to recover.

Cena is scheduled to appear at tonight’s edition of WWE RAW in Anaheim, California.


  • Bam Bam

    Hopefully Cena will take the time off that he actually needs. It sucks that he needs surgery but he does spend a lot of time doing stuff for the WWE and really does deserve a break and it would be kinda good not to have him on the show for a little bit.

    • Robert Basinger

      it would be cool to see him come back as a heel

      • Sheila Belue

        I can see that happening , he can be apart of the corporation , he and Randy can be the faces of the wwe.

  • Boss Bonkey

    About time, keep him off tv for 6 months and lets see how the main raw story line develops without him. I bet it will be the best 6 months of raw since attitude era.

  • jericho

    Have him disappear off television. Bring him back at the rumble as a heel, he takes the belt again to mania,, have a new guy win the rumble and be the one to defeat cena for the title at mania. That shit would make a brand new star.

  • Kage

    He definitely needs some time off. Even if he thinks he doesn’t, I reckon WWE should force him to take a break. He sure as hell deserves it.

  • Chris Benoit

    Nancy forgot to get my steroids ONCE!

  • John Cenas Brother

    John Cena has been holding Raw together for 10 years. 6 months without him or Sheamus. Bad Bad product. they will screw it up!

  • TightAss o Neil

    John Cena’s Time off To Do List:

    1. Bang the Bella Twin x 10000000000000
    2. Practice New Catch Phrase and Hand Gesture
    3. Learn to wrestle errr i mean .. work out more.
    4. Approach Make-a-Wish and get someone errr.. i mean Daniel Bryan to visit me in hospital
    5. Repeat Number 1
    6. Try and get DB to agree on some Twin Magic in the bedroom (we both cant tell them apart).
    7. Change my Jorts to Camo then back again.
    8. Fantasize that I was Brock Lesnar
    9. Wish that Vince had another daughter
    10. Try and get find that reddit guy

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