Backstage Update On Ric Flair’s Status As A Regular Character On WWE TV

Posted by Matt Boone August 7, 2014 9 Comments

According to sources within WWE, the company has yet to come up with anything that would begin Ric Flair as a regular weekly character on television.

The last time Flair was on RAW in Richmond, Virginia, which was an in-ring interview segment with Renee Young, he was scripted to hit on her the way that he did. In fact, the only ad-lib Flair added was the references to his past in the city, where he told fans to “ask your mothers and fathers.”

The Richmond edition of RAW was originally going to be the beginning of Flair’s return as a regular television character, however the creative team has yet to come up with anything for him.

As noted in the past, Flair was at one point going to serve as the manager for The Miz, however those plans are now said to be completely off the table.

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(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • Brandon Delgado

      Maybe WWE should stop relying on the “creative team”…..

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says the WWE should create a Foster Brooks type of gimmick for Flair, he would excel at it.

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.S I molest 5 year old boys

    • Ric *hick* Flair

      Woooh! I just got off the phone with the creative team and they want me to do something I can do easily on a weekly basis, Its called Scott Hallin’ where I show up legless drunk every week

      • Triple H

        Damn Ric… I guess this means your career ah! Fell harder ah! Then Owen Hart ah! When my shovel pushed him off ah! So I could be the game ah! It was best for business ah!

        • Dixie Carter

          Ground Breaking News! This will change TNA forever for I have just signed The ghost of Owen Hart to TNA

          • Double J

            You fucked my company

            • Hulk Hogan

              No she didn’t Brotha! Me and Eric were told by Vince to kill TNA since Russo was not doing it good enough Brotha! And now Vince is yelling at me about GFW so can I have a job brotha! Brotha! Brotha brotha BROTHA!

    • McC

      Well somebody better figure out something before the old man dies

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