Sting/WWE Update, Lesnar/Taker Concerns

Posted by Matt Boone February 13, 2014 10 Comments

The latest word going around is that has yet to sign a contract with WWE. The feeling is that the delay in the signing is more on WWE’s end, as the company doesn’t consider him a priority. WWE is reportedly in no hurry to sign in time for a match at , although those close to claim he was hoping to have a match on the show, specifically against The .

Since Sting lives in the Dallas area, he was apparently willing to meet up with Undertaker and work out the match in advance, something that many of Taker’s past opponents at WrestleMania have done.

There is some concern in the company that may not be willing to spend all of that extra time working on the match with Undertaker, as many feel he’s only in the company because it’s a big money deal for a small amount of work.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)