Backstage Update On TNA Asking Wrestlers To Take Less Pay

Posted by Matt Boone February 28, 2014 8 Comments

Apparently the issue of TNA wrestlers being asked to take pay cuts is still ongoing. According to reports, multiple TNA stars have been asked to take less money once their existing contracts expire. In some cases with wrestlers who have time remaining on their current deals, they have been approached about restructuring their contracts for less pay.

One performer in the company noted that when Bruce Prichard was the head of talent relations for TNA, he approached several wrestlers about restructuring their deals for less pay (roughly half in many cases) before their contracts expired. Apparently the same thing is happening again right now.

“Before you know it, they’ll be charging wrestlers to perform,” said one veteran TNA wrestler.


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    • Undertaker316

      soon on the wwe network on demand video archive TNA!

      • Muzlimboy

        WWE wouldn’t even want that crap

        • Undertaker316

          actually tna in the early days had a lot of great matches and moments

    • Matt Rayfield

      Well in the early days, Jeff Jarrett was the guy behind that. Then Bob Carter bought TNA for his little girl Dixie to ruin. The early days TNA had the 6 sided ring and the X Division was the bomb and their Tag Team division was starting to get good. Sting back then feuding with Jeff Jarrett was good. Even the early MEM with Booker T, Sting, Nash, Angle, and Joe was great. After Hogan came in things changed for the worst.

    • debra

      Janice carter should stop being so cheap and tna is dying every year.

    • hmw

      poor tna

    • Rockman Rex

      l think when Kurt Angle, MVP, Jeff Hardy, and Bully Ray contracts are up, they are gonna wanna jump off the sinking ship and back to WWE.Taking away what made TNA special, losing goods stars, wrestling now in gyms and making stars take less pay is a very bad sign. Smart move on MVP for not signing a contract deal and doing the handshake deal was good. Angle contract is up this fall. Ray and Hardy may be there a little while longer though while the ship is still sinking and may go down under with them.

    • Bulkster

      I’d love to see Mark Henry and The Miz squash the whole TNA roster before they shut off the lights.

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