Backstage Update On TNA/Spike TV: TNA Lines Up New Network, Likely Moving

Posted by Matt Boone August 24, 2014 2 Comments

The word going around the television industry is that Spike TV wants out of the pro wrestling business and as a result, will not be keeping TNA’s Impact Wrestling on their schedule, nor will they be buying out TNA, or buying into any other pro wrestling promotions, as had been rumored in the past..

The impression is being given that TNA has a new television home to move to once their deal with Spike TV expires, however it is said to be a smaller network.

What’s interesting is that Spike TV is reportedly willing to let TNA remain on the network after their deal is up at the end of this year, likely week-to-week, until they transition to their new network.

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    • former tna fan

      called it. smaller network, hhmmm….I’m guessing something like MAVtv. they wont last long there or wherever it is they’ll end up. say bye bye to the 1.6 neilsen, they’ll be lucky to pull 800k on a good night. if the rumors of tna’s death were greatly exaggerated they aren’t anymore…

    • Matt Rayfield

      We need Jeff Jarrett’s GFW Now more then ever. All of these Promotional deals won’t get GFW or Jeff Jarrett any where without a TV Deal tho. Now with TNA getting ready to lose Spike TV as their TV Network home, TNA’s ratings could pick up if the network is noticeable. But Spike don’t realize that TNA was giving them ratings. Moving to Wednesdays has not helped TNA nor Spike in the least. We can say that in News Channel 9’s case they can’t seeing as how that is where Ring of Honor is being hosted. I know this because I have to DVR it just to see it. But if MAVTV picks TNA up, we can truly say bye bye Dixie Carter and TNA and hello Jeff Jarrett and GFW if they have a TV deal lined up. I wish TBS would get better shows back on it.

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