Backstage Update On Vince McMahon Possibly Selling WWE, Merger Rumors

Posted by Matt Boone April 3, 2014 3 Comments

For whatever this is worth, in the investment community, many have interpreted Vince McMahon’s comments in the recent Forbes article to mean that he’s willing to either sell WWE, or at least a major ownership stake in the company. The speculation is he would structure a deal that would see him remain in charge, but monetize his ownership value for his family before he passes away.

Those in the investment community seem to feel that McMahon should recognize the need to strike a deal where he can retain control, but also have the company in the hands of someone who can create a suitable successor for him.

Even if McMahon sells an ownership stake in his company, the feeling is that nobody would actually replace him as the guy in charge, unless of course he’s simply too old to function at his job at that point in time.

For those wondering, the companies most speculated regarding media partners who would be the best fit in a situation like this are Madison Square Garden and Liberty.

WWE has denied rumors of merger talks, however the speculation has resulted in some of the stock increases we have seen over the past week.

(Credit: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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    • herp

      I don’t care if the company is passed to someone in the family, even to a doofus like trips. But it needs to STAY in the family 100% not 75/25. Not 51/49 not even 99/1%. This company was built from the ground up by mcmahons and it should be considered untouchable and not by any means negotiable.

      • Bulkster

        I agree 100% As much as people love to blame Kevin Nash and Hulk Hogan for the demise of WCW, it was the merger with Time Warner and the influx of suits who could not care less about wrestling that was its real demise.

    • Troy Bennett

      i think wwe needs to sack all the writers and get some professional wrestling minds in there. bc for the past 12 years wwe has only had hollywood writers and soap opera writers. and keep wwe with the first family of wrestling. im sick of this older generation making alot of money then just bc they cant have it when there dead they screw over there whole blood line by not giving them what is rightfully theres by blood

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