Backstage Update On WWE Unifying The Title, Potential Finish At WWE TLC PPV

Posted by Matt Boone November 30, 2013 6 Comments

It appears as though WWE has gone back and forth on their plans for the WWE Championship and World Heavyweight Championship ever since the conclusion of the WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view earlier this month.

When Survivor Series ended, the plan, despite how it appeared on television, was not to have a unification match. On RAW the next night, WWE apparently went out of their way not to say the words “unification match,” but they are now apparently leaning towards having only one World Champion following Triple H’s latest sitdown interview with Michael Cole.

There has been speculation that the finish at the WWE TLC pay-per-view could see John Cena walk away as the WWE Champion and Randy Orton as the World Heavyweight Champion, with the two basically just reversing roles as far as their championship status is concerned. Whether or not WWE runs with that finish remains to be seen.


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    • DevinHash

      Sorry, but this would be awful. As soon as they announced this match, I thought it sounded great in theory, but knew there would be a shitty “swerve” that would ruin it and somehow have the titles not be unified, thus conning the PPV buyers out of the main event match advertised – something that has come to be completely expected.

      But this would be made even worse if Cena were to win the WWE title and Orton the WHC title.

      It would be pathetic. A childish way of the creative team wanting Cena to hold the “main” WWE title over the 2nd rate, former-WCW, former-Smackdown title belt, which would beg the question as to why they even had him win the WHC title in the first place and why it is even still around.

      And IF they decide to actually unify the title belts, I think we all know who is going to win…

      • Guest

        Why did Cena win the WHC?

        Simply so he could have a title to hold (after his comeback) along with the fact that Randy Orton was still feuding with Bryan and Big Show (for some reason) and having Orton & Del Rio who along with every other champion who was heel at the time would’ve been redundant..

        As for why the WHC is still around because WWE never got around to unifying them like they did with the tag titles & women’s championship.

      • Defiance Of Cena’s Authority

        I’d fight that ididot John Cena in WWE when I get there after i get my kidney and pancreas transplant in about 5-7 years and somewhere between that time I get two Akitas, move to Orlando, FL, train at WWE’s Performance Center and kick ass over there and get into WWE! Then, whoever’s on Raw or SD that I don’t like or don’t want as champion…I challenge the motherfucker, kick his goddamned ass and become WWE or World Heavyweight Champion!

        I’m extremely damned sick and tired of this stupidity happening where Cena always gets to enjoy himself and have fun and feel fantastic! Meanwhile, myself and a lot of other people aren’t allowed to!
        All i ask is that I get to physically fight against John Cena in the ring! And, my 2 Akitas can be secured somewhere ringside that I choose for them to be because if they’re not, they’re going to maul his fucking ass and I’ll save that to happen for another time and place if i need to!
        And that Randy’s allowed to someday go back to shaving his head and being clean shaven at the right and appropriate time and that he and I get married, live happily ever after and live together with my two Akitas in the future!
        THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

    • bleek

      Lame ending. Same thing over n over at ppv’s

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says as long as the WWE Universe (not the brightest bunch) keeps buying this crap on PPV, the WWE is going to keep shoving it down their throats. They (WWE Universe) need to boycott a PPV to let the WWE know that they’re sick & tired of watching an inept product.

      • Guest

        I would think with PPV’s costing as much as they do especially for entertainment/sporting events that would be enough for people to stop wasting money on this stuff especially in this social media era where you can just find out the results of a match as it’s happening.

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