Backstage Update On WWE’s Plans To Break Up The Shield

Posted by Matt Boone March 22, 2014 11 Comments

As previously reported, there is a plan in place to break up The Shield. As noted, the idea is for Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose to split off into a heel tag-team, while Roman Reigns will be used as a top babyface singles competitor going forward.

One of the reasons WWE had The Shield turn babyface on RAW was to set up The New Age Outlaws working a program with them, which they requested. Additionally, the feeling was it would better set up Reigns’ singles run.

The general consensus within WWE is that it will be better for Reigns’ singles run for Ambrose and Rollins to turn on him instead of Reigns turning on them.


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    • Will $teel

      just a terrible idea. Shield doesnt need to break up until a triple threat match at wrestlemania 31. Im also upset wit them turnin face. makes no sense, just doesnt work, like when Orton was a face

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny wonders why anytime heels are getting over, the morons at the WWE either break them up or turn them face?

    • Bill

      Good timing. You need to change them while they are still relevant and will gain interest.

    • WWELew

      Shouldnt break them up in a way where they turn on each other. Should disband them so they stay as the shield but less involved as a 3 man stable. Still have the same music and attire but do their own things and keep them available for future feuds.

    • dj

      I’m still wondering do people, who comment on here run successful wrestling companies.

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny was a very successful as a general manager on RAW. Remember “People Power?”

    • Dave

      WHY break them up at all? why cant the all be “good guys”
      I loved the Freebirds as fan favs, these guys are exciting when they stand together.
      Let them be.

    • Rog

      Shield shouldn’t break up at all, the idea could be the 3 going for singles and neither be babyfaces or heel

    • Bulkster

      Way to drag something out needlessly WWE. All they had to do was have Rollins and Ambrose turn on Roman while they were still heel. It accomplishes the exact same thing without the needless extra swerve.

      And I agree with everybody else, no point in breaking them up yet in the first place.

    • Shockmaster

      According to the WWE, people never drift apart or just decide to go there separate ways, they always brutally and violently betray each other by beating the half to death.

      It has really lost its effect and only looks stupid down the line when they meet back up again. Just look at Orton, Batista and Triple H now. Only a few years ago they were trying to kill each other with sledgehammers and assaulting their spouses.

    • good


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