Batista Expected To Take Time Off From WWE After Extreme Rules

Posted by Matt Boone April 21, 2014 19 Comments

Batista is expected to take some time off following the WWE Extreme Rules event on May 4th. “The Animal” is not currently advertised for any of the WWE live events following that show, including WWE RAW the next night in Albany, New York. Additionally, he is not advertised for the big European tour that begins in May.

As we reported when Batista first re-signed with the company, he was expected to take time off to do some promotional work for Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” film that he is featured in. However, that movie doesn’t open until August 1st.

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    • Gavalaar

      That is because he is awful send him back to nxt to learn to wrestle properly

      • Moons over slammy

        And the slammy for comment of the year goes go to…

    • TM

      So a part time wrestler wants to take time off? I say drop him altogether. He’s a leech on the system taking time away from the full time guys who deserve more exposure.

      • It whenever

        He not a part timer

        • bootista still sucks

          he sure looks like a part timer by leaving after may 4

          • Pacman

            He wrestles on Raw, Smackdown, and live events. He’s a full-timer. CM Punk took a couple months off before but nobody called him a part-timer

            • paceman blows bootista

              yeah but punk wrestle a lot more than three months and before take time off so batista wrestling on raw and smackdown doesn’t make him full time hell look at rvd is part timer and he wrestles on raw and smackdown for a couple of months two so batista is a part timer beside batista sucks always

    • steel

      Like anyone cared that he is there in the first place !!!

    • D

      Give him time off to promote Guardians of the Galaxy then bring him back in late august to take the belt off of whoever has taken it from Bryan by then. Or even have Batista take the belt from Bryan himself at Summerslam. Either way is fine.

    • Louis Salera

      Lmfao. .great signing HHH..another fail…batista should take a permanant break.

    • Troy Bennett

      so its exactly like the rock comes back for mania and summerslam and isnt seen again till the week before rumble works the rumble isnt heard from till mania and wins mania. wwe learn to drop the dead weight like rock and bootista and how about, now stay with me vince and stephanie WORK ON IMPROVING UR CURRENT FULLTIMERS

    • Bulkster

      Shocker….Welcome back part time.

      • bulkster wish 2 be inside hulk

        smartest thing you ever said

        • Bulkster

          You should visit the site more often. I’m full of little nuggets.

    • Mr. Positive

      really, fellas? really? the rock appeared on raw or SD like very other week, and he only does promos or interviews, and didn’t even wrestle once. he only wrestled on PPV’s. at least dave actually wrestles on raw and SD, for weeks straight.

      • Mr. X

        I’m not sure I’d call what he does, wrestling.

    • Bam Bam

      I don’t see why ppl are so mad. He never won the title and Daniel Bryan is WWE Heavyweight Champion. Yeah he won the rumble but D Bry is champ and not him. Some ppl wanted him back then the first night back everyone seem to want him gone. Now he is leaving they are complaining that he is leaving. He didn’t do take nothing away from anyone really. I said I would have to see him wrestle to see if all the hype was worth it and now that I have he really aint much if any better then before he left.

    • UnderCover Chri$$$

      OMG! I cant believe this Batista is taking time off why??? Like he’s been the holding the WWE together for awhile it wont be the same without………said no one ever

    • Fuck Off

      And this site was wrong. Batista (nee Bluetista) is on Raw.

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