Batista Goes On Twitter Rant About WWE Fans Being Negative

Posted by Matt Boone April 24, 2014 22 Comments

Batista went on a bit of a rant today on Twitter, criticizing WWE fans for their inability to differentiate between “show” and “reality.” Here are his tweets on the matter:

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    • Raiden

      The REALITY is that no one cares nor wants you back on the SHOW.

      • Jamie

        Don’t be a dick lol, you’re proving his point.

        • Bulkster

          But Raiden is right. I certainly didn’t want him back. None of my friends either.

          • Will Olson

            Not even in skinny jeans?

    • JC Brioso

      shut up dave and just do your job

    • ObsessiveFanBoy

      That second tweet made me ROFL.

    • Bulkster

      Batista should just shut up and get ready for his vacation after extreme rules

    • johnyfields

      I like Batista! What did he do yo earn any hate? Fans wanted him back and he finally came back and now he’s hated on? Why, he’s not part time he is a full time wrestler doing non televised events on the road. Only time he’s taking off is to promote a movie. Sound to be me like he’s doing a good job.

      • SandyBoreton

        Because he left his fans hanging high and dry back when he quit to go do other things “to further his career” and now that he failed, he’s back and automatically given a top spot. Besides Batista sucks at wrestling. He botches a lot. Instead of Bootista, he should be referred to as Botchtista. But there is one thing I do give him credit for and that’s the fact that he returned and is working full time unlike Lesnar

        • Ding Dong #2

          Bautista’s next movie is from a popular film series that I’m sure you’ve heard of (Marvel’s Avengers) and like all the rest, is practically guaranteed to be successful. I wouldn’t call that failing.

    • D

      Dead accurate on all points.

    • old school rasslin fan

      Funny thing is people hate on Batista for leaving and coming back and getting a top spot. But all you little nerdy guys cheer for a guy like cm punk who’s gonna come back and do the same lol and he left for no reason fuck the young talent earn your spot. P.S no more cheering for small guys hard to believe Daniel Bryan can be champ lmao NO!! Small guys like Eddie or Benoit were believable they had muscle not flabby with bleach stains on their skin haaaaaaaaa put Reigns Cesaro or swagger in main event spots no more small guys please

    • xIong

      batista is getting smaller in size.

    • Josh

      Message to Batista: Don’t Feed The Trolls

    • Truth

      He left due to injury then had the opportunity to pursue other things. He’s not allowed to do that? We wanted him back. We used to cheer him and wished he was top dog instead of cena and pg era. Now all the hate because the company gave him a top spot which he deserves? Like the rock? What happened to respecting legacies?
      Cm punk walked out on wwe, his contract and the fans. Yet people chant his name like he’s some hero. He’s selfish.
      Batista didn’t have to come back. He’s fine with or without wwe. Now all these “fans” are ruining the tv product with their takeovers. Sure it’s fun if you’re in the arena but for us watching at home I’d rather they stfu and not ruin the product with their random chants. Batista is working and putting over guys like Daniel Bryan. He’s a team player. He’s embraced his heel role. He could walk out like cm punk and make movies or just retire rich. Instead he’s working the schedule and putting on a show for the fans. Love him or hate him you cannot deny his heart. I for one am glad to see superstars (or dinosaurs as you call them) from the attitude era back. It’s made wwe programming good again.


        batista didn’t leave to injury he leave because he was a cry baby and the only reason he came back is because he fail in mma and he sucks at movies too. fans chant for punk because they know he’s stand up for the full time wrestlers and he has most of the fans agree on it. your just one of the morons that don’t like punk for do what was right. THATS THE TRUTH!!!!!!

    • Bulkster

      Bootista should accept the “reality”, we don’t like his ass.

    • Kris Godwin

      “Also noticed that most critical fans dont have pics of themselves posted
      or need to take a good look in the mirror! People in glass houses..”

      Something I’ve been saying for ages. Just take a look at the cowardly trolls here.

      • Problem?

        WWE fans don’t know what they want if cm punk comes back people are going to bitch and moan about him leaving and coming back

    • Jason Joseph

      Sorry to say the fucking man is right

    • Will Olson

      Why do we even care? This guy only became a wrestler cuz if trips. He was a bodybuilder, and had no interest in wrestling, however, he saw how much money he could make, so trips had him trained. Ahhh gotta love politics. Btw, batista sucks at both wrestling and cutting promos. He just sucks. At least randy orton looks menacing, evil stare. Batista, will just make you laugh in the match

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says wah, wah, wah, Boo-tista.

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