Batista Involved In Physical Altercation With A Fan At WWE Live Event

Posted by Brad Davis March 8, 2014 37 Comments

WWE Superstar Batista got into a physical altercation with a fan at Friday night’s WWE live event from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Prior to his match against the Big Show, Batista exchanged words at ringside with Cam Carson, a radio DJ from the local Power 97 station that was a co-sponsor of the show. According to multiple fan accounts, Carson hit Batista in the back/shoulder area as he was turning to enter the ring for his match. Batista then allegedly got in his face and shoved him down. Carson attempted to climb over the ringside barricade but was stopped by security.

Several minutes later, Batista was circling the ring (after his match) and flipped Carson the bird.  That led to Carson getting riled up and trying to hop the rail again, which led to security escorting him away.

Cam Carson’s co-worker @Radio_Shecky tweeted this photo of the altercation:

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    • Bulkster

      I would love to see the video of this.

      • Ricardo Silveira

        it may be a work.

    • Mr. X

      I hate fans who think buying a ticket gives them the right to do whatever. As much as I don’t like Batista I respect him for standing his ground, assuming this isn’t a work that is.

    • Canuck 703

      The guy was a DJ from a radio station that was a co sponsor of the show. It’s a work !!

    • Mohi Uddin

      That man made a huge mistake…if we don’t like a wrestler then it doesn’t mean that we can do anything to them…they are the reason wrestling is still alive…..

    • Josh Muyal

      I was there. After he was taken out, Some of the players from the Winnipeg Jets went after to help take him out…

    • Guest56899752124677

      Reports say that immediately after Batista shoved the DJ he appeared completely winded and instructed security to intervene so he could catch his breath.

      • Michael White


    • guest

      Punk punches a fan who he thinks is trying to push him down a flight of stairs and the fans talk about firing him. Batista pushes a fan down and people say it’s the fan’s fault. Kind of ironic that Punk, the guy people tout as the “god of the IWC” was getting so much shit and Batista, the guy most people in the IWC don’t like, is getting praised for it.

      • John

        I don’t see many people praising Batista…either way, if you hit someone just expect to get hit back.

      • Jim Evans

        But for the Punk incident, Punk didn’t actually see the guy that hit him and he presumed it was the one he hit. Punk got hit from behind if you remember right.

    • zeke1424

      Seriously can we just get rid of batista. No one missed him while he was gone. His wrestling and mic skills are mediocre at best. He’s done nothing that even indicates he’s glad to be back. Leave already please

      • dominion1978

        Exactly, and now he’s insulting and assaulting fans. How isn’t he at LEAST suspended. Oh right, because then everyone would miss his BIG MATCH at WM30. That would be a tragedy. /s

    • Community Organizer

      you dummies take wrestling to seriously.

      • BigShow72

        That would be too seriously! Who’s the dummy now?

        • GEOCOOP60

          Ih YOU’RE the dummy.
          It IS “TO” NOT TOO. SERIOUSLY”!?!
          Please return to trolling the morob pages, because obviously you’re not smart enough to be here.

          • Rob Bull

            actually it is ‘too seriously’

          • Plunk

            “To”, as in, “I’m going to the store.”
            “Too”, as in, “There is too much pudding in this swimming pool!”
            Learn some grammar.

      • Derp

        Dummies like you who have nothing better to do than troll a wrestling site needs a life.

      • Community Organizer Sucks

        we don’t take you seriously. hell i don’t even take your mom seriously. i was with her last night, and she sucks at sex. but makes sense, since you were born, obviously.

    • Pinmepayme

      I think it’s just a work to cement him as a heel. Just trying to build hype for mania. Can’t wait to see what happens. Oh that’s right, he’s already penciled in as champion for summer slam. Nothing like killing the main event of your biggest show of the year.

    • yoyo

      The DJ sponsored the show!! It’s a work you marks!!!

      • jakejonez

        It was for show… god people take shit too serious. Everything in wrestling is set up u stupid morons

        • Sarah Rennie

          No need to call people names. Stop trolling.

    • PushCesaro

      The 2nd time he’s got into something with a fan since his return at royal rumble (2 months). He isn’t suited for this career. He would be good to be a henchman in a movie.

    • adztheman

      Just another D-J in a business that is becoming more irrelevant every day trying to get attention..its a shame Dave didn’t do something more severe, and hospitalize this waste of human flesh…

    • gary

      it looks like it was the fan that hit him first and he was retaliating with minimum force,or it was just a plublisty stunt.

    • Týr

      A follow up report said that Batista has, yet again, torn his triceps muscle


      • Jim Evans

        That can’t be true as he is wrestling on RAW.

    • tom

      Thing that sucks is batista used to be a superstar now hes just causing trouble and not even wrestling people his size hes a bad fill in for the spot they put him in picking on people he needs to be in better matches like batista vs broc lesner and stuff like that bad booking is making batista look like. Crap thats why fans are chanting badtista and hhh needs to stop hiding behind the skirt and face danial bryan at wrestle mania lets start to see better shows please stop the bs give db his respect he deserves hes one of your hardest working superstars wake up wwe yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

    • Eric Peyton Smith

      I cant believe there are still idiots who dont get that this is a complete work designed to get Batista some much needed wrestling heat as opposed to people just hating that another over rated wrestler has been given yet another part time multi million dollar contract. If this was real, they would have both been charged with assault you morons.

    • Melissa

      Does this mean Batista will be suspended and miss Wrestlemania?????

    • adsamtzy


    • adsamtzy

      Why can people talk about Randy Orton,who beat fans.

    • Jim Evans

      It was probably just part of a work.

    • bummed1

      Well I certainly wouldn’t to try to offend some 240 lb muscle guy….maybe I
      could run faster, i would hope…..lmao

    • tttt

      People, most of the time when old faces return to WWE they are heels. Overtime he will become a favorite again.

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