Batista Gets A New Tattoo Of Marilyn Monroe (Picture)

Posted by Matt Boone May 4, 2012 11 Comments

Former WWE superstar Batista got another tattoo this week – this one of Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe:


  • GhostDistortion

    Good God Batista, how many more gay tattoos can one man get?

    • kulc

      i think until there’s space on his skin.
      his tattoo in his belly is girly too, girls have tattoos like that.

      that sun and 3 stars represents the Philippine flag, too bad a lot of Filipinos won’t be able to see it because he’s not in WWE anymore or even in UFC.

  • Charlie

    Lame.. seriously lame. Especially for a person who can’t control his emotions.

  • tyson

    So, So, SOoooooo…. GAY!

  • Original CM Punk

    Hey Batista…You have a VAGINA!!!!!!!

  • AreYouSeriousBro

    How is it gay for a man to get a tattoo of a woman? Especially a starlet? That isn’t gay whatsoever, in fact it’s common. Get over yourself, guys.

    • ScorpionKing

      well, looking at the likes/dislikes, i would say you are the minority….that shit is gay, especially that gay thing around his belly button…you must be a homosexual.

      • AreYouSeriousBro

        I would agree on one part, that the sun around his belly button is very feminine, but the Monroe tattoo isn’t gay at all.
        And no, I’m not homosexual. I’m a straight woman.

  • The Miz

    three stars and a sun..

  • Darwin

    Go away, Batista. Please…just go away.

  • vandam

    she looks like shes been working down a coal mine

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