Batista Responds To Whether He Has Signed With TNA

Posted by Matt Boone June 2, 2013 5 Comments

- Hyping this summer’s slate of Impact Wrestling episodes on Spike TV as “the biggest summer ever” in the history of the nine-year program, TNA Wrestling President Dixie Carter touted via Twitter on Thursday a “big free agent signing” arriving during this time frame. On the micro-blogging service, former WWE champion Dave Bautista responded to a question asking whether he is the individual in question.

“Seriously? I am a @WWE guy to the core,” he wrote.

When asked whether he has anything against the promotion, he wrote, “no of course not.”

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    • Some

      If he ever comes back to wrestling it would be wwe. He is not on rocks level in Hollywood yet, but a Marvel medium part for a wrestler is huge. Not talking 3H in blade. But this could be a huge jumping off point for Dave/Drax

    • Mikey Batts

      Have to disagree. In this day and age there isn’t enough actual WRESTLING fans to be the top company. TNA could have 5 star matches every single week, but they would still lose out to WWE in buyrates and ratings because of the sheer number of casual / mainstream fans there are today.

      If there was another boom period like there was in the late 90’s then maybe it could happen, but right now it’s not likely.

      Still, TNA is better than WWE at this moment in time as far as I’m concerned anyway.

      • Knock

        TNA Better than WWE??? we’re all glad thats just an opinion. TNA is dying drastically. TNA was better before Dixie, Hogan, and all the changes. They had something original, but now its just dying.

    • bluebook

      LOL Dixie, you have lost all credibility with past uses of the word “BIG” and “HUGE” and “GROUNDBREAKING” leading up to nothing but disappointment. We now know that these words in your mind probably mean “relatively irrelevant.”

    • Droopy kong jhong

      Lets see who is out of work… MVP, Lashley since King “Mo-Body cares” hasnt panned out

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