Batista Responds to WWE Return Rumors

Posted by Matt Boone May 2, 2013 9 Comments

- Former WWE Star Batista recently tweeted on rumors that he was getting in shape to make a return to WWE. Although Batista currently has no plans to make a WWE return, he remains open to the idea.

“Here’s a cryptic message: I’m focused on movies now. No #MMA anytime soon. No #WWE plans either, but not opposed. Hopefully #MyFansSupportMe”

  • Derp

    Oh thank god, stay away.

  • Comic Book Guy

    Told you so…

    • Worst. Comment. Ever.

      • C. Montgomery Burns


      • Comic Book Guy

        It seems I have to deal with a little bit of a “Clone Saga” of my own. I see where this is going. *shutters* Damn you mid-90′s Spider-Man! Damn you Terry Kavanagh!

  • morrisonfanone

    “But not opposed.” In other words, he ain’t ever coming back.

  • GAY

    I AM GAY

  • Derp.

    I really wish he would return to us, but at the same time..the guy is 44. I don’t really think he could perform at the same caliber as the younger guys, at least not full time. And I can’t see Batista as a jobber. So I’m a little torn..

  • Bam Bam

    I think he pretty much ment unless they pay him like Brock Lesner he aint commin back and I wouldnt pay him that much.

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