Batista Teases Return to Wrestling?, Updated List of Events for CM Punk

Posted by Matt Boone April 29, 2013 10 Comments

- Here is the updated list of events CM Punk is being advertised for:

* RAW on May 27th from Calgary, Alberta Canada
* RAW on June 3rd from Hartford, CT
* RAW on June 17th from Grand Rapids, MI
* RAW live events on July 4th and 5th from Japan
* RAW live event on July 6th from Taipei, Taiwan
* RAW live events in Australia from July 26th through the 30th

– Batista tweeted the following this weekend, possibly teasing a return to pro wrestling:

“Very rewarding long week. #IMissTheDaysWhen I could entertain you live and in person, but #TrustMe, you’re going to love what’s coming…”

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    • Derp.


    • Gambit

      no please stay away

    • Lincoln

      Batista vs Punk or Orton.For WWE title.

    • Comic Book Guy

      He’s talking about his role in Guardians of the Galaxy… obviously.

    • The Real Derp Shady

      Oh my god, NO! This clumsy talentless fool needs to stay away. He can’t wrestle, and he can’t talk on the mic.

    • who knows

      it could just be a hint at his MMA fight or something. might not mean wwe even tho id love to see him come back

    • Foyster

      Yes it would be great to have Batista back.
      There are several things that WWE needs to do to make a better show
      The following wresters need to be given much better matches. Justin Gabriel, Alex Riley, Evan Bourne, Santino Marella, Tensai, Zach Ryder, Drew McIntyre,Heath Slater, Natalya,& Ted Diviase. They all started out good, then they were given grappy matches. Yoshi Tatsu needs to go, so does Brad Maddox. Get Big E Langston and A J Lee away from Dolph Ziggler, he doesn’t need them.Daniel Bryan & Cain need to part ways. Oh yes Daniel shave the stupid beard off.

      • morrisonfanone

        They are the prime example of what happens when they have nothing better for someone to do, and making them into a huge clown.

    • morrisonfanone

      Even though I can see this being a huge ploy, I hope it’s true. They need Batista now more then they ever did before.

    • myles3

      he’s talking about his marvel movie role in 2014

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