Bearer’s Cause of Death, Cena Tweets to Jay-Z, Sheamus Hypes WM

Posted by Matt Boone March 23, 2013 4 Comments

- Sheamus tweeted the following last night about Big Show and Randy Orton to hype their storyline going into WrestleMania 29:

“The Shield?? More concerned about a certain 7ft 400lbs leopard unlikely to change his spots. #WakeUpRandy”

– John Cena tweeted the following to Jay-Z, asking permission to come to WrestleMania 29 and face The Rock:

“Dear Mr. @S_C_ kindly asking permission to come to NY/NJ on 4/7/13 to handle some bizz with @TheRock #redemption #RTime=NOW”

– TMZ reports that Paul Bearer died from a heart attack, one that could have easily been prevented. Bearer’s son Michael Moody told TMZ that Bearer’s death certificate lists the cause of the heart attack as supraventricular tachycardia or SVT, which is a dangerously high heart rate. SVT is a common heart condition and if treated, usually isn’t deadly. Doctors believe that Bearer had been struggling with SVT in the last few weeks of his life.

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    • Kage

      That’s awful to hear about Moody. My twin brother actually suffers from SVT, and controls it with medication. Just goes to show that one should never take their health for granted.

    • KenFromNY

      I’m sorry about your twin brother. That’s awful. I have a relative that went through heart trouble as well. Not good…

    • owen hart’s wife

      Ken from NY and Kage should get a room.

    • Mr. Friendly the Bitch Killer

      You should get a heart attack yourself and go straight to hell. i mean it.

      @kage and kenfromny – I feel ya bros. several relatives of mine also suffered from heart attacks. damn, such terrible losses.

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