Beth Phoenix Fired on RAW, What Happened After RAW

Posted by Matt Boone October 30, 2012 2 Comments

- After last night’s WWE RAW in Charlotte, North Carolina, Ryback defeated CM Punk via DQ in the dark main event. The end came when Heyman distracted Ryback while Punk was up for Shell Shocked. Punk’s Survivor Series partners rushed the ring and caused the DQ. After the bell, Team Foley ran down and made the save. The two teams brawled until Ryback threw Punk back in the ring and hit Shell Shocked to end the show.

– WWE wrote Beth Phoenix out of the company at last night’s RAW from Charlotte, North Carolina. She was “fired” by Vickie Guerrero in a backstage segment after wrestling AJ Lee.

We noted last month that Beth was scheduled to finish up with WWE at the end of this month. She reportedly requested her release and will be spending time with boyfriend Edge has he prepares to have neck surgery in a week.

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    • DeathDaisy

      Beth has been awesome for the diva’s division…in what seems like a major downfall for the diva’s requisting their release….oh well, Best of luck for you beth!!

    • Mueller

      sorry to see ya go Beth…WWE’s womens’ division just got that much more suckier. natalya and tamina snuka are about the only 2 divas remaining who have anything close to a decent wrestling background. i don’t have alot of faith that the womens’ division will ever be cool again. i hope i’m wrong but i’ve got a bad feeling that i’m not.

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