Better Quality Footage Of Randy Orton Fan Attack, Big E. Langston Comments

Posted by Matt Boone July 31, 2013 12 Comments

WWE Superstar Big E. Langston, who was ringside for the Randy Orton fan attack in South Africa on Tuesday, tweeted the following regarding the incident:

“That’s not exactly what we mean by “intimate fan experience.” #WWECapeTown”

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Below is a more clear video of the Randy Orton fan attack incident from the WWE live event in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday:

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  • What

    Low blow to Orton Holy Crap!

  • Undertaker316

    the fact that wwe posted a video of this makes me think its a story line and because security didn’t stop the “fan” immediately also the fan is in the ring for a few seconds before hitting orton which would give them time to stop him

    • NotTheMomma

      Your probably right

  • ariel

    haha someone finally gave orton a ric flair low blow haha hilarious

  • troll

    better quality video? its the same video. they just removed parts before and after the low blow

  • Jackie Priest

    Too bad they cut out the kick to the head Orton got in, that part’s priceless.

  • Wrestling Jesus

    A Low-Blow from outta nowhere!!!

  • max yarnovich

    its brad maddox

  • Daniël de Bakker

    it’s a work

  • P.P. Johnny

    Vince & Paul (HHH) love “audience” run ins. It make the fans look more intense on the action in the ring. P.P. Johnny even dressed incognito a few times to do “audience” run ins.

  • Peter Ly

    The low blow did not look hurt at all. Randy clearly sold the move cuz he thought it was part of the show.

  • ㅁㅊAustinㅊㅁ

    Barely selling a low blow? VINTAGE ORTON!!

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