Big Backstage News On Evan Bourne’s Suspension

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that there is some controversy backstage in WWE regarding Evan Bourne’s recent Wellness Program violation suspension. More than one company source believes Bourne was suspended for something that people higher-up on the food chain also do.

Bourne was suspended for smoking synthetic marijuana, which WWE has been cracking down on lately. Wrestlers use this to deal with physical pain as a substitute for painkillers in pill form.

According to Dave Meltzer, word going around in WWE is that Bourne used it at a party with other WWE wrestlers. Some of these wrestlers were higher-up in the company than Bourne, and some of them used the same synthetic marijuana Bourne was using.

A popular topic among wrestlers since Bourne’s suspension is that a mid-card wrestler will get suspended for doing the same thing a main-eventer does but doesn’t get suspended for.

Here’s the latest from Bourne on Twitter: “Just finished a very candid and honest interview with @WWEmagazine. Can’t wait for my cover shoot next…”