Big Changes In TNA, Matt Morgan Wears Hogan’s Cape, Weekend Events

Posted by Matt Boone December 1, 2012 6 Comments

- The cape that Matt Morgan wore on Thursday’s Impact Wrestling was actually a cape that Hulk Hogan wore back in the 1970’s when he was a heel. Hogan has been working closely with Morgan in recent weeks to help fine-tune his character’s presentation.

– This weekend’s TNA live events schedule includes:

* 11/30 in Bemidji, MN
* 12/1 in Fargo, ND
* 12/2 in Grand Forks, ND

Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles, and Bully Ray are among the talents scheduled to appear.

– Morale behind the scenes at Thursday’s Impact Wrestling was great, with talent feeling better about the company’s creative direction than they have in a long time.

TNA has been focusing on long-term booking as of late, mapping out creative plans several months in advance. Television scripts are being written weeks in advance, with tweaks being made when necessary.


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    • shane-o-mac

      In other words tna is finally being professional in how their running tna, about time. Now if tna could just figure out how to spend money the right way. But they still have the best wrestling.

      • Shannon Harris

        Roh has better matches.

        • shane-o-mac

          I agree. I saw roh for 2 weeks when directv gave me the baltimore cw feed. But then changed to a washington cw feed. So I saw roh a total of 2 times. So I say tna has better wrestling from the wrestling promotions I can see on a daily basis. But as for roh, they are probably the best out of the 3 (wwe,tna and roh) I just can’t see it. Nice to see a chick ( if you are, if not my bad) with wrestling knowledge.

    • Kage

      That’s great to hear about the TNA locker room. The show has been fun lately, and it’s been great watching Morgan and Ryan do their thing.

      IMHO – along with Morgan – Joey Ryan has the potential to be a massive star; the dude just oozes the ‘it’ factor (no offence to Roode!).



    • zzzzz

      they always talk about big changes yet nothing happens . in fact at times it gets worse

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