Big E. Langston & Randy Orton Attacked By Fan At WWE Live Event In South Africa

Posted by Matt Boone July 30, 2013 12 Comments

Several readers have sent word from the WWE live event today in Cape Town, South Africa, that a fan jumped the guard rail and hit the ring following the conclusion of the Randy Orton vs. Big E. Langston match.

According to one eye-witness on Twitter, “someone from the crowd just hit [Randy Orton] in the nuts.” The fan noted that Orton retaliated by kicking the fan and then flipping him off as security dragged him away.

As a result of the incident, many fans were cheated out of their opportunity to meet the WWE Superstars after the event.

Fans who purchased tickets to the WWE live event in Cape Town had the option of spending extra money for a “meet and greet” with WWE Superstars after the event. However, due to the aforementioned incident, it did not take place.

Stay tuned to for a complete report from the WWE live event in Cape Town, South Africa.

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    • Randy is a BORETON

      I’d kick lame ass Orton in the nuts too! Good for the fan!

      • killerbee

        your an ass man id kick u in the nuts if u were in the same room randy is awesome

    • Peter Ly

      The funny thing was Randy thought it was part of the show and sold the move.

    • ZED87

      If that fan legitimately low blowed him (which appears to be the case from video), I wonder why Randy didn’t show any aftereffects??? He was normal after receiving it

      • Splodeydope

        Adrenaline, and the fact that Orton is tough.

      • Wildcat77

        And the fact that they do wear protective cups

      • Boss Bonkey

        The guy didn’t hit him square on, he was trying to sell the Ric Flair low blow but botched it and got a boot to the dome.

    • Guest4857657483093

      Shortly after the incident Randy, through force of habit, went to Vince McMahon and asked that the fan’s push be stalled.
      The fan was actually part of the Make A Wish program and his wish was to make Randy Orton pay for sleepwalking through his matches and being horribly boring on the mic.
      Third joke.

    • stingeer

      Why Orton? And not cena!!!

      • alontrae walker

        Because whether you hate him or not. I think no one is crazy enough to run up on him. Cena would of killed him. I think then, that would be the moment cena turned heel. Cena may be too goody goody on tv, but In real life he would hit b****! lol and this is coming from a cena fan lol

      • Chris Savage

        because you cant punch a woman in the nuts

    • P.P. Johnny

      It was audience participation night. Part of the People Power campaign.

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