Big News On Sting vs. Hogan In TNA

For what it’s worth, a source says Sting calling out Hulk Hogan last night at the Lockdown PPV was not just a tease, and there are plans for a match between the two at some point.

Sting is said to be very particular over his legacy at this point in his career — especially after the 90-second Jeff Hardy debacle at Victory Road — and wants a match with Hogan to be well-planned out. Sting has told friends that he still has the shadow of his big match with Hogan in 1997 looming over him, and would need this match to be booked perfectly. The source believes the booking process for this match will continue up until the last minute, before both men walk through the curtains.

Sting and Hogan’s face-off at WCW Starrcade ’97 was the pay-off of a nearly year-long feud, but was viewed as a letdown by both critics and fans.

There’s no word on when TNA’s planned Sting-Hogan rematch would be taking place.