Spoiler: Identity Of The Wrestler The 1/2/2012 Videos Are For

Source: Pwinsider.com

Despite rumors to the contrary, the cryptic promos airing for January 2012 are meant for Chris Jericho as of this writing.

News came out last week that talks fell through between WWE and Jericho but they are still ongoing as of right now. Also, Jericho recently said he would never wrestle for WWE again and when asked what he would be doing in January, he responded “Working in Hawaii”. That’s likely a cover-up.

Word is that the deal between WWE and Jericho is not done yet but Vince McMahon wanted to begin the hype now. Obviously Vince McMahon is confident a deal will be made with him. WWE officials want Jericho back on RAW brand to help boost ratings in the new year.