Big Update On Hogan’s TNA Contract Expiring

With TNA on a cost cutting spree this year, a lot of people have been waiting to see if the company offers to extend Hulk Hogan’s lucrative contract, which expires in the coming weeks. While Hogan’s current deal is about as cushy as they come, the WWE Hall of Famer has reportedly not been happy with things in TNA lately.

Specifically, Hulk Hogan was not pleased with his daughter Brooke being let go by the company and how TNA handled the situation. Hulk felt that TNA should have informed him first that they were considering the move, which did not happen.

The communication between Hogan/Bischoff and Dixie Carter is said to have broken down around the time of Brooke’s release.

During a recent interview at the Fan Expo 2013 event in Toronto, Canada, Hulk Hogan made a few comments that showed his relationship has seen better days. When asked if he’d ever return to WWE,  he said “never say never – anything is possible in this business” response. He also said the 2 factors that would most help TNA would be putting Eric Bischoff in charge and giving them an unlimited budget. A few people in TNA saw this as an ungrateful gesture by Hogan, who has been given a ton of money and control in TNA without producing any meaningful results.

Hogan’s TNA contract expires on October 1st.

With Hogan’s longtime friend Jimmy Hart stating last week on the PWTorch livecast radio show that doctors recently told Hogan that he could probably wrestle 2-3 more times, it makes you wonder if Hogan is considering “coming home” to WWE for one more run and a farewell sendoff at WrestleMania XXX.