Big Update On Hogan’s TNA Contract Expiring

Posted by Brad Davis September 18, 2013 27 Comments

With TNA on a cost cutting spree this year, a lot of people have been waiting to see if the company offers to extend Hulk Hogan’s lucrative contract, which expires in the coming weeks. While Hogan’s current deal is about as cushy as they come, the WWE Hall of Famer has reportedly not been happy with things in TNA lately.

Specifically, Hulk Hogan was not pleased with his daughter Brooke being let go by the company and how TNA handled the situation. Hulk felt that TNA should have informed him first that they were considering the move, which did not happen.

The communication between Hogan/Bischoff and Dixie Carter is said to have broken down around the time of Brooke’s release.

During a recent interview at the Fan Expo 2013 event in Toronto, Canada, Hulk Hogan made a few comments that showed his relationship has seen better days. When asked if he’d ever return to WWE,  he said “never say never – anything is possible in this business” response. He also said the 2 factors that would most help TNA would be putting Eric Bischoff in charge and giving them an unlimited budget. A few people in TNA saw this as an ungrateful gesture by Hogan, who has been given a ton of money and control in TNA without producing any meaningful results.

Hogan’s TNA contract expires on October 1st.

With Hogan’s longtime friend Jimmy Hart stating last week on the PWTorch livecast radio show that doctors recently told Hogan that he could probably wrestle 2-3 more times, it makes you wonder if Hogan is considering “coming home” to WWE for one more run and a farewell sendoff at WrestleMania XXX.

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    • KennyD

      I’ve wondered that with Jeff “Double J” Jarrett starting to do more backstage at IMPACT WRESTLING … is he going to take over Hogan’s Position when the Hulkster’s contract expires and let TNA say good-bye to Mr. Hogan ….

      • JT

        I hope Double J takes over backstage. Hogan was not a benefit in TNA and he was a waste of $$. I hope TNA can recover so we can have more options as wrestling fans to watch.

      • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

        good point

    • Josh P

      well if hogan leave tna say good bye tna they will go down hill

      • Mark Markington

        TNA was around a lot longer before Hogan joined. There’s no basis in your statement.

    • Ecco

      At this point, Hogan just needs to leave TNA. He costs way too much money and TNA needs to rebuild itself away from his vision of WCW-Lite. Vince should give him an appearance at Wrestlemania XXX and retire him from the ring for good. Unless, of course, Hogan sneaks into ROH. =/

      • Hollywood HOgan

        Great idea, brother! What you gonna do RoH, when Hollywood runs wild on you?!!

      • Ray

        If Hogan ever wrestles again, TNA should make sure it’s exclusive to TNA, or at least one huge match.

    • TheMachineX2

      Hogan just needs to go. His involvement in TNA has been self serving. I’m so tired of seeing Hogan and Sting week after week and to top it off TNA cut talent. Hogan doesn’t even wrestle; screw him.

      • Ray

        Everything is true except for Sting.

    • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

      i think anywhere hogan is will draw fans… you can tell while watching TNA that a lot of the fans came to see Hulkamania brother!

      • Mark Markington

        He is a huge draw, but the problem is TNA can’t afford him and instead are cutting working talent just to pay his salary. Since Hogan joined, he’s changed TNA a lot, and not for the better IMO.

      • Orion

        TNA ratings are down since he arrived. He is not as big a draw as everyone makes him out to be. They should take that money and try a merger with ROH.

        • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

          if i was ROH i wouldnt take on that sinking ship .. ROH is better as ROH especially now with all the former ROH stars making their way in the WWE finally

        • Bone Cold Steve Asstin

          and he is more of a draw for the people attending the events not to much on tv…

    • Mark Markington

      Please leave TNA. Go back to WWE and retire. “Without meaningful results” is a monstrous understatement. They were better off without Hogan/Bischoff trying to vicariously relive their glory days.

    • eric B

      I hope John Big Gaburick Fires his @ss!
      And he is full of Sh!T he gota 6 figure deal from 2K to be in the video game this year.

    • hmw

      cena vs hogan wm 30

    • TheMachineX2

      the Aces and Eights should take Hogan out once and for all!

    • ;0

      Hogan vs hhh at wm xxx

    • anthony j

      Let him go and let him leave with that 2 million a year deal he had, he is done, no one cares to tune in to see him anymore. This isn’t the 80’s or 90s anymore, time to move on. This opens up the door to resign or sign big names in free agency, but don’t go after the old farts. Go after the ones who are going to make a damn in TNA besides the ones no one gives a damn to watch.

    • yoyo

      Hogan should of had a supporting role like Jarrett. Make a couple of appearances at $10k each and send him to recruit great indy talent. Seriously, which wrestler would turn down the Hulkster if he recruited you to TNA? Instead, Hogan was upfront and center at $35k an appearance, recycling old WCW storylines, getting involved in most storylines, and pushing the wrong talent. What ever happened to Abyss being the next John Cena? It’s time for Hogan to go!

    • Bulkster

      Come back home Hulk! WWE is the house you built and its where you belong!

    • Hector Naranjo

      Hogan needs to make up his mind already, he leaves WWE trashing them, saying TNA is the best, doesnt cut it at running things cause obviously TNA is doing bad, now he decides “actually WWE is it, let me go back and do better there” He should bow out already grasiously like Flair, HBK, and Anyone else last Match at Wrestlemania, before he pisses more ppl off and no one will care

    • Rachel

      If they get rid of him, they would be able to get the X-Division wrestlers they let go to maybe come back. I mean with how much they are paying Hogan, they could probably affort to get two or three of them back.

    • Charles Lee

      True, Hogan helped built the cornerstone foundation of the WWF for Vince,
      that was many decades ago. I question if the McMahon’s even have Hogan
      still in their Rolodex. I have been following Pro. Wrestling for about fifty
      years, and I don’t foresee Hogan returning to the WWE, especially for a final
      WrestleMania. All I see when I see Hogan these days, is a washed up wrestler,
      trying to make as much money as he can before he is in a ‘forced retirement’!
      “The Undertaker” was smart about his Retirement. Comes out once a year
      (WrestleMania), earns more than Hogan in a year, and goes back into Retirement.
      Charles Rushing (09/22/2013)

    • WrestlingHistorian

      I laugh at all y’all fans, every other post and article doesn’t get halve the attention that ANY Hogan articles receive. I turn on the Internet and see all the Hogan bashing. But when I turn on TNA, 80 percent of the signs and t shirts in the crowd is that of Hogans. I see quite a few in the wwe aswhile. But I do agree, Hogan doesn’t fit with TNA. But some of you guys just be HATING. Y’all Internet drool at Shawn Micheals jock strap, but don’t RELIZE the wwe damn near went outta business when him and Bret “the bitterman” where wwe champion. And when he was in the Kliq, he almost had Chris Candido, Bam Bigelow and Vader commit suicide, BECAUSE he was absolute jerk running behind the scenes. BUT YOU INTERNET FANS ARE LIKE ONLY 20- and probably don’t really know what’s up about you guys favorite wrestlers. HOGAN IS A BIGGER STAR TODAY, THAN ABOUT ANY WRESTLER IN WWE OR TNA TODAY! No, I don’t wanna see dude wrestle no more, and he’s MAKING TNA look like WCW Thunder, they should can him. But all the hating and bashing, is what it is, HATING by Internet fans, who really have no clue about wrestling foreel

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