Big WWE Feud Discussed, Update on The Undertaker’s Health

Posted by Matt Boone February 7, 2013 13 Comments

- There is still no official word on The Undertaker’s status for WrestleMania 29. Right now the plan is Taker vs. CM punk until he says he’s not doing the show. There is no commitment right now that he will do the show. Friends of his are hoping that he won’t wrestle this year as his hip and shoulder are giving him problems.

No word yet on what CM Punk may do if Taker doesn’t wrestle but speculation is a singles match with Ryback, which would change his plans, or a spot in the John Cena vs. The Rock WWE Title match.

– Word is that one of the bigger feuds this coming summer and fall will be Punk vs. Brock Lesnar, which could suggest that Brock is turning babyface eventually.


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    • Ice

      Even CM Punk doesn’t wrestle against Taker, then please put him in The Rock Vs Cena match…since that’ll ease the pain of the Twice of an Era match. Now, since The Rock is going to hand down the title, then give it to Punk and not Cena. Anything is better than “THE CHAMP IS HERE” LMAO!!!!

      • Splodeydope

        So you would rather not push the guy who brings in more money than anybody else on the current roster?

        • Ice

          So you would rather watch someone whos not entertaining and barely wrestle, steal the spotlight against better rising stars?

      • Sheila Belue

        The champ will be hear with or without the belt , that’s John Cena.

        • WTF

          The champ will be here with or without the belt???? Well that’s the whole roster then.

      • JeyDee

        CM Punk SUCKS the BIG ONE,
        That’s all he is Is a PUNK, GTS that a grate move LMFAO !!!!!!!!!!!

    • probb

      correction you mean punk would turn face

    • sucka

      i hope undertaker takes a break for this wrestlemania. dont want his hip/shoulder ruined just for some punk ass fans

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Brock a face? It just doesn’t fit him.
      If Taker doesn’t do WM, let’s have triple threat with Punk, Cena & Rock & let Punk win. He’s a far better champ than the other 2 schmucks. At least, Punk knows how wrestle. The other 2 couldn’t tell the difference between a wristwatch & wristlock.

      • Honey

        Punk sucks!!!!!! his a crybaby!!!!!

    • xzecutioner

      Lesnar as face , Yes Please

      I know he is more of a heel sort of guy but i still think he is much original as in generation’s Goldberg kinda character than Ryback ever will be.

      Always have been huge fan of Brock & will explain much better why he get great pops from Crowd when his music hits :D

    • theghost

      I think the plan for Taker might be to take out The Shield. They keep saying, Who is going to stop these guys. There is no one that can stop The Shield.

    • BIRD MAN

      dolph needs to cash in his mitb and undertaker come back and streak vs championship simple as that and undertaker loses . SHOW OFF!!!!

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