Bill Goldberg Teases The Spear Is Coming Back

Posted by Matt Boone January 23, 2013 6 Comments

Former WWE & WCW wrestler Bill Goldberg teased a return to the ring on Twitter. When a fan mentioned that the spear needed to be seen again, Goldberg replied, “It’s coming…”

Goldberg later said that he wasn’t trolling and meant what he wrote. He also stated that everyone knows his feelings about WWE, and that there was “not a chance in hell” that he would be appearing at The Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Another fan asked, “I’m guessing this means you will never be in the WWE again?,” to which Goldberg replied, “Great guess…”

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    • kindred1313

      Can we all say TNA!!!!!!

    • Heel Jarett

      Can we say leader of aces & 8s

    • sucka

      Gilberg Gilberg Gilberg Gilberg Gilberg
      Goldberg Goldberg Goldber Goldberg Goldberg
      I hope both make a return

    • Beer Money Jobber

      Bring back Gilberg!!!!!!!!
      He had the best entrance in wrestling history.

    • Derp

      Goldberg would be making a career killing mistake by going to TNA. There is no chance he will ever end up there. I mean, if he went to TNA, only like 10 people would see him. The crowd is empty and dead during shows. Who would he present himself to? He needs a large audience.

    • kriish

      vince is fucking basterd he is scared of goldberg……………..such a fucking pussy……….

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