Bo Dallas Talks About His Brother Bray Wyatt, NXT & More

Posted by Brad Davis July 28, 2014 5 Comments

WWE Superstar Bo Dallas spoke to this week to promote the September 29th episode of RAW. Here are some highlights of what he said about:

Fans Booing When He Tells Them To Bolieve: “I take every situation as a positive.  Bolieving is definitely a positive. If you are having a rough day, sitting in traffic, late to work you have to take a step back and realize this day could be better. All you have to do is bolieve. It’s something that I take to heart and every time I’m out in the public, I get nothing but positive reactions.”

“Bolieve is something that is great to use and think about because it will make somebody’s day better.”

His Time As NXT Champion: “I can’t say anything but, it has helped me immensely. It really has helped me develop greatly into a professional wrestler and hone my craft. I wouldn’t be where I am today without being given the opportunity to be champion in NXT. I’m glad the powers to be gave me that chance to excel.”

His Brother Bray Wyatt: “We both came into this with the same mindset, that we are going to be our identities. We wanted our success to be for ourselves. As much as we respect and love our father, grandfather and uncles, we didn’t want to become molds of them. We wanted this path to be our own. So far I think we accomplished that. I don’t think you look at myself or my brother and say, ‘Oh, that’s the sons of former wrestler IRS’. To have the family on the road with you it’s great to have somebody bounce ideas off of and help you critique you. You can trust those people and you can’t buy that relationship; it’s a beautiful thing.”

“Right now I think Bray is [playing a heel] quite well and I have my own agenda. But you never know maybe one day down the road maybe Bo Dallas will cross paths with Bray Wyatt. Maybe our differences will come to a head in the future. With the WWE you just don’t know.”

Photos Of Mika Rotunda – Sister Of Bo Dallas & Bray Wyatt

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    • Mike Catt

      The Bo-lieve gimmick is horrible. I could see a program where Bray starts messing with Bo and how the whole Bo-lieve bit is a facade and gets Bo to fall back in line with the family.

      • Russ

        Nothing wrong with his gimmick. That’s what he feels is important to him to do so there’s no reason he shouldn’t do it. It’s a positive thing to do. WWE could change things up a bit, make it interesting by having Bo Dallas convince his brother, Bray Wyatt to be a babyface and a good guy. That is, if they both agree it’s cool. Have them do things that are positive for the Family instead of negative.

        • Dylan

          Wtf ?!!!! No way !! Why would you want to see bray be a “good guy” man screw that ! Bray is an amazing heel and people love him as a bad guy. We need more heels like bray. The wwe has to many good guys as it is

      • Shaquille Burton

        It reminds me of a rehashed Simon Dean

    • Brian

      Not trying to be mean . . . but I’ve been ready for Dallas to disappear ever since he came up to the WWE. He might have some of the most irritating segments in the ENTIRE fucking show.

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