Bobby Lashley Is The New TNA World Champion

Posted by Brad Davis June 20, 2014 23 Comments



BETHLEHEM, Penn. (June 19, 2014) – TNA Superstar, MMA fighter, three-time amateur wrestling Collegiate National Champion and former Army man Bobby Lashley (twitter: @fightbobby) tonight became the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion, defeating reigning champion “Showtime” Eric Young during an explosive episode of IMPACT WRESTLING (Spike TV, 9/8c) broadcast live to millions around the globe from Bethlehem, Penn.

This is the first time the behemoth Lashley has held the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Ranked by “Pro Wrestling Illustrator” as Rookie of the Year in 2005, Lashley has spent nearly a decade dominating the squared circle with his rare mix of size and athleticism. Lashley originally joined TNA in 2009 and after a hiatus returned to the promotion at the “Lockdown” Pay-Per-View event earlier this year. In recent weeks Lashley has joined forces with Director of Wrestling Operations MVP to wreak havoc on the TNA locker room.

Lashley is a decorated amateur and professional wrestler, including:
NAIA Collegiate National Championship (1996 – 1998)
NAIA All-American (1995 – 1998)
CISM Armed Forces Championships Senior Freestyle Medalist – Gold (2003), Silver (2002)
Pro Wrestling Illustrated Rookie of the Year (2005)
Two-time WWE ECW World Champion
WWE United States Champion
TNA World Heavyweight Champion

A savvy businessman and single father of two, Lashley resides in a suburb of Denver, Colo.

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    • Camp Cornette

      A little to late to cash in on Bobby Roode’s popularity, TNA. You dropped the ball with that when you had him lose to Angle, swerve heel and win the title only then to waste a year of your show with the heel faction Aces & 8s at the forefront, when it should have been Bobby as your top heel. Yeah, that ball is long gone. TNA is dead.

    • charley ramirez


    • hmw

      Meh Don’t care

    • TheMachineX2

      Why cant TNA give the fans what they want? Bobby Lashly is just as bad as a Eric Young. I don’t even watch anymore. Waiting, hoping that JJ’s Global Force Wrestling gets a Spike contract.

      • Michael Sinclair

        global force cant as Jarrett agreed when he left he wouldn’t work under spike tv.

        • TheMachineX2

          i think that Spike ill drop Impact Wrestling ratings are crap. after that happens I am not sure the non compete clause is still an issue.

          • Yawn

            But JJ not wanting to work with SpikeTV anymore is so either way I doubt they will sign with Spike

    • Michael Sinclair

      im actually half and half about lasley being champion. ive always wanted lashley to become heavyweight champ but not under mvp.

    • Wall

      wow. so the joke meme about EY losing the belt now that Daniel Bryan is out ended up not being a joke…. way to go TNA

      • Jeremy

        Thats TNA creative for ya

    • jack

      booby lashley is wack he couldn’t be champ in wwe he is too shiff in the ring, no moves at all.. dbrayn stripped of the title and ey loses his title… tna on it last leg

      • jack


        • Guest

          You should go through your whole sentence and fix all of your mistakes. :)

    • bluebook


      I’m not kidding, when I read this I burst out in laughter. So, let me get this straight…you crap on a guy who has been loyal to your company, to give the title to an MMA fighter who will probably ditch your company again the first time he gets…yeah, makes perfect sense. This further cements TNA World Heavyweight Championship reputation as a joke. They pass it around faster than a hot potato.

      Obviously this is nothing more than yet another one of TNA’s temporary patches to boost ratings a tiny bit and then drop it completely to act as if it never happened. They seldom worked in the past, now everybody knows what you’re up to.

    • chrissi calvert

      Why TNA WHY? Lashley shouldnt even be getting a title shot! Hes done NOTHING to deserve it and hes utter shit in the ring. The only thing he should be getting is FIRED

      • NotATroll

        you’d shit in the ring

      • Smark

        I think Lashley has looked good in the ring. His spears are nasty, and remember when he caught Kenny King in midair for a stalling suplex. That was insane.

    • troll

      looks like black on white crime

    • What

      That was a badass spear though! Lol

      • Smark

        Thinking the same thing. That spear has been dirty.

    • Nicholas Williams

      Impact Wrestling is going down hill.

    • George Flegel

      Their timing does seem lousy. If they wanted to make it seem that EY’s title run was not a copycat of DB’s, they should have waited. Oh well, nothing new. TNA copies WWE, WWE rips off TNA.

    • Hector Naranjo

      Huge Bobby Lashley fan but his ECW title win was celebrated alot more than this title win. Even the ref thought this was a bad idea with his slow and hesitant 3count, congrats but meh

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