Bobby Roode Confirms Alex Shelley’s TNA Departure

Posted by Brad Davis May 30, 2012 6 Comments

- TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode confirmed Alex Shelley’s departure from TNA Wrestling. He tweeted on Wednesday:

“Best of luck to Alex Shelley, sad to see u go. BEer Money vs MCMG best of 5……never be forgotten! See u down the road.”

Shelley’s profile was removed from on Tuesday.

– Robbie E has been announced as a third potential challenger for Devon’s TNA Television Championship on Thursday’s episode of IMPACT WRESTLING, joining Rob Van Dam and Mr. Anderson. One more candidate will be revealed tomorrow and then beginning at noon, fans will be able to vote at the TNA website who Devon will wrestle that night on Impact.

– In a battle of former “Beautiful People” mates, Angelina Love faces Velvet Sky on this week’s episode of TNA Xplosion on Challenge.

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    • Gambit

      Like so many talented wrestlers before him letting him go was an absolutely stupid thing to do. Fire that skank Brooke Hogan and put people on the roster who actually matter.

      • AreYouSeriousBro

        She hasn’t even made her on-screen debut yet. Chill. Don’t take a jab at someone when you don’t even know what role they will be playing in the company, and if it will help TNA.

        • Gambit

          @papa shango I do agree with you there its mainly Dixie’s fault however having Hogan and Bischoff around did not help much.

          @AreYouSeriousBro It wont help TNA look at the product they are losing very talented performers to people who have no business being in the company like Bubba the Love Sponge. And as far as her role is she will be in charge of the Knockouts.

        • Gambit

          @2ae75f4263d4ea0f5e8e7487778afc76:disqus I will somewhat agree with you if he wanted to leave then yeah thats his decision. However talent not being utilized is a main component of unhappy talent who dont make money thus making them leave for greener pastures.
          @1bae80786ef4317b183774d6b136161d:disqus Really? Shes in charge of the Knockouts. So I do know what her role will be. This isnt going to help TNA by bringing in someone no talent hack just because of who her daddy is. TNA needs to spend the money on talent that actually matter and not people like this.

      • Papa Shango

        For a change this isn’t hogan/ bischoff’s fault. The guy wanted to leave to go to WWE so of course hes notr gonna sign a renewal on his contract. Un fair to say ‘letting him go was stupid thing to do’ when i doubt they had much choice.

    • Broski

      I think Austin Aries is TNA’s only hope. The guy can talk and wrestle.

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