Bobby Roode Talks Flair Leaving TNA, Live Impact, Steiner

Posted by Brad Davis June 2, 2012 8 Comments

TNA Champion Bobby Roode was recently interviewed the UK Mirror during a recent media tour to promote TNA’s Maximum Impact tour next January. Here are some highlights of what Roode said about:

Impact Going On The Road: “I have a huge opinion on it. Obviously, I’m not the man who pays the bills; I’m not the wallet, so to speak, But in order for us to take that one step further I think it’s a necessity for us to step away from Orlando and do our television tapings elsewhere in the country. For us to be… I’m not going to say ‘legit’, because I believe that we’re a legit company but it’s just… for that more professional look and a different look it’ll make our company that bit better.”

His New Look: “Well, for eight years, people have had to witness how dry and curly it gets towards the end of a 30 minute match. And it was giving me a headche, It was certainly time for a change, to look a bit more modern. And it is in keeping with all the suits I wear. I look more hip.”

Ric Flair Leaving TNA & Whether He Will Be Missed: “I believe so. I think just the name, having that legendary name around was beneficial, But I don’t think it is going to hurt us, we have a lot of talent. I think Impact Wrestling can stand on its own without Ric Flair but its always nice to have a guy like that around. He has always been a pro. He’s a fun guy to be around. He’ll always be the Nature Boy. He has been one of my main inspirations. I really don’t know [about the legal situation] and I really don’t care to know.”

Scott Steiner’s Twitter Rants: “Scott’s Scott. He’s a good friend of mine so I can’t speak bad of Scott. He’s a character. Obviously he has some ill feelings to certain people but those are his own personal issues and don’t involve me. I don’t believe I have any enemies in the business and I want to keep it that way.”

Impact Wrestling Going Live: “It’s huge – a win win situation for all of us, fans and those of us in the company. When you go live, anything can happen. It excites me because it means I have to be on. When the camera’s on whatever happens, happens. And I’m sure that anticipation applies across the board in the locker room, too. Everyone feels the same way.”

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    • ExtremeWrestlingFan

      Well Dixie, you finally did something right! Letting a home grown TNA original promote your company cause Hogan or Bischoff wont do it.

    • ……

      I agree with this guy 100%….they need to go on the road to get to that next level…I think they should have held off the live shows and focused on getting to different cities and states first….and also I think it’s wicked that they don’t have to put up with Flair’s BS anymore….

    • joeyryan4prez

      I’d say Roode should go to WWE but i’m afraid he’d get misused and buried. He’s a big deal in TNA where he’d be jobbing to sheamus in WWE and be a transitional champ at best. Roode is by far the best thing TNA have. I hope they appreciate it and give him an Angle type paycheck

      • Burt Dangle

        he wont get that – he doesnt have a broken freakin neck!

        • Bork Lazer

          Or a tattoo of a d*ck on his chest

          • huh?

            how is that relevant o__O

    • Andy

      I have watched Roode since his early days w/James Storm,they were great,show me the money,it wiil be exciteing going live.

    • krish

      no problem whoever leaves bring one man to TNA the ratings will be high in india the man is bill goldberg.everyone stick to TNA leaving wwe alone.

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