Booker T to Take Action Against Sheamus, Fastest Rises in WWE, More

Posted by Matt Boone October 28, 2012 3 Comments

- Booker T promised to take action against World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus for his actions on this week’s episode of SmackDown. He posted the following on Twitter.

“SHEAMUS will be sanctioned and fined for his actions Tonight !! SDGM Booker T.”

– Speaking of Sheamus, the champ presented a WrestleMania 29 travel package to a member of the U.S. Military on CNN Headline News’ Morning Express.

– WWE published an article looking at the fastest rises in WWE history. Some of the records featured include the fastest cash-in of Money in the Bank (Kane), the fastest championship match (Spike Dudley vs. William Regal for the European Championship) and the fastest to win the WWE Championship (Ric Flair).

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    • 40 dawg

      Yeah like the fines for real. If booker was really gonna “take action” strip him of the strap and have the glow in the dark fella sit out of the ppv, thus having a battle royal to crown a new champ, and when the match is over and the tired superstar that won is celebrating BAM breifcase over the head ziggles cashes in and is your new heavyweight champion.

    • Bird 2.0

      Fines? really, this isn’t the NFL, come on man >.>

    • Save_Us.Y2K

      Oh jesus stop it with the fake fines! It’s stupid and doesn’t move the story forward at all! They’re pointless. If you want to add something like that to the story do something like what 40 dawg said and stop with the fake twitter fines.

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