TNA Posts Injury Updates On Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, Bully Ray & Bobby Roode

Posted by Matt Boone October 21, 2013 6 Comments

The official TNA Impact Wrestling website posted an update on injuries sustained to performers involved in Sunday’s “Bound For Glory” pay-per-view. The official website posted the following regarding the condition of some of their top stars following the big event.

AJ Styles: Sustained rib cartilage damage and will be evaluated by his home doctor in Georgia later this week

Bully Ray: No concussion, but sustained a bruised sternum

Kurt Angle: Left the arena with his family and refused to be evaluated on-site by medical personnel

Bobby Roode: Cervical swelling (vertebrae/back), triceps hematoma

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    • Ray

      Are these legit? I just want that none of them have any injuries that will cause them to not be as good. I can’t see a day when AJ Styles can’t do what he can now. I mean, he is just as good, if not better, than he was when he first started out.

      • The Troll Hunter

        That’s the bad thing about pro-wrestling, everybody assumes the injuries are fake because it’s improvised & predetermined. Angle won the gold medal with a broken neck, so I can see him being too proud to be taken out on a stretcher. Plus, he strained his back/neck & he landed wrong on his neck from that angle slam on the top rope. AJ had to have some type of swelling or injury from that 450 to the outside through a table. Then, he did the springboard 450 again for the ending. Alex shelley’s njpw injuries & low-ki retiring because of njpw not paying for his injuries like they agreed…pro-wrestling’s a tough business.

        • Ray

          I don;t assume all of them are fake, I know some of them aren’t. I was legit asking and legit want to know. But wrestlers don’t automatically get some type of injury from doing a big spot like the AMAZING 450 AJ did at BFG that STILL blows my mind.

          I really don’t want to see anyone with any injury, especially not the main guys from TNA.

    • Luke

      Wow. boby rude was injured from top rope suplex kyrt angle left arena its ca
      lled internet ha ha ha roode…

    • Luke

      id Like to see Kurt Angle vs. Roode Rematch this thursday on impact….

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