Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather Wins WrestleMania-Related Lawsuit

Posted by Matt Boone September 27, 2013 2 Comments

Boxing champion won a against a music producer who claimed he illegally used a song of his during his 24 ring entrance, when he squared off against Superstar in one of the main events of the evening.

The music producer, , sued Mayweather in 2010, claiming Mayweather did not have the rights to use the song at the annual wrestling pay-per-view. Dash sued Mayweather, WWE and others for a reported $150,000 in damages, but a judge recently ruled in Mayweather’s favor.

According to the ruling, Dash was not entitled to a cut of the profits from Mayweather’s use of the music, as he couldn’t prove Mayweather, or WWE, made any money off of the song.