Breaking News: AJ Lee Collapses At WWE Live Event

Posted by Brad Davis November 15, 2013 12 Comments

WWE Diva AJ Lee apparently collapsed during a her match against Brie Bella at WWE’s live event from London, England.

Several fans who were at the show tweeted the she collapsed at ringside during the match, which was eventually called off. WWE officials immediately came to her aid and she was helped to the back.

This is a developing story – keep checking back for updates…

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    • AM Real

      Damn I hope she’s okay..

    • Koolaid

      What happens in the WWE when they give their wrestlers crazy ass schedules.

    • hi

      she stands at ringside and makes dumb faces, i could do that every day of the week

    • Matt Rayfield

      I smell a roids or drug problem from her and she needs to get it fixed.

      • Aj Storm

        Dude she was dehydrated! Stop thinking the worse of people!

        • Matt Rayfield

          Well like I said it was one or the other. If we can rule out Roids then we can all say that it was Drugs, because like you said she was dehydrated and if she ate and drank stuff before her match and stuff you should know that drugs can dehydrate your body just research it and you will know.

      • Guest4858463479595

        If she is on roids, they are the worst fucking steroids ever created. She doesn’t even make a sound when she bumps.

        • CM JUNK

          I bet she makes a sound when she HUMPS.. BEST IN THE WORRRRRRLLLD

    • The A-Team

      I’m sure The Rock will give some strudel.

    • rofl

      lolol roids? yea good one she’s quite the butch bitch isn’t she

    • Evelyn L. Ford

      I hope she’s okay; may GOD Bless her with speedy recovery and good health and strength and lots of agility to continue her career.

    • Edie’s Wrestilimf

      Also she just yelled at Michelle beadle I hope she’s not on drugs

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