Breaking News: Alberto Del Rio Released From WWE

Posted by Matt Boone August 7, 2014 24 Comments

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Alberto Del Rio released

WWE announced the release of Alberto Del Rio due to unprofessional conduct and an altercation with an employee.

UPDATE: According to reports, Del Rio was released for allegedly slapping a WWE employee. Read the full story by checking out the following 24WRESTLING.COM article: Backstage Rumor: Alberto Del Rio Fired For Slapping A WWE Employee?

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    • Hector Naranjo

      That sucks, he was very good and a great heel wtf! His stories against whoever he had a rivalry with were always good

      • Skijor

        Cena’s an even better heel than Del Rio and stories he was doing when done properly…the rivalry he had vs. his opponnent were mostly excellent and really great.

        • Hector Naranjo

          That was with his Thugganomics character, yea it was good, but i doubt if he goes heel it wont work unless he does the thugganomics character. Apparently ADR got in an arguement w Randy Orton, it got out of hand and thats why he got let go, which is bullshit cuz alot of wrestlers have gotten into altercations that got out of hand and they weren’t let go

          • Guest

            Actually Del Rio slapped someone “not named” Randy Orton for making a racist remark. Stuff like that is how bullshit gets started.

            • Hector Naranjo

              Yea i saw that, other sources said it was because of Orton

            • Sheila Brigade

              What I see is this :
              You’re dishonestly saying and implying you saw other sources which you’re not naming….saying that other sources said it was because of Randy Orton. that Alberto Del Rio was fired. That’s not true, is a lie and a completely false rumor.

            • Hector Naranjo

              Oh shit stop everything, i didnt know this was an essay and i had to label my referances of what i read elsewhere.

            • Davey S.

              Actually he slapped an IWC smark who pissed him off. That’s understandable because anyone could respond the same way as Alberto Del Rio had.

          • Jenn

            Alberto Del Rio didn’t get in an arguement with Randy Orton nor did they get out of hand with each other. What Cena’s done and said to Randy didn’t get punished even when it got out of hand. I got punished because I was trying to stand up for Randy but got into trouble for being unable to physically attack John Cena for fucking with Randy Orton.

            • Hawkins of Oi

              better to stand up for people than not to y’know.

            • Lonsdaly

              or stay out of it or hate on these guys for behaving wrongly. like they’re still doing. it’s not like they care because they’re still gonna do it. and even if you get your way you’re not allowed to enjoy it. only everyone else is. not fans though. they used to be allowed to be fans but6 not anymore. i used to like wwe more than I presently do

    • Katherine

      Wonder what he did . Still that sucks

      • Chris_Is_Awesome

        lately he was jobbing #nahmean

        • Guest

          Putting people over isn’t necessarily jobbing what Damien Sandow is doing can be construed as jobbing.

          • Chris_Is_Awesome

            from #1 or 2 heel and main event status down to the midcard, and getting defeated by top tier “sports entertainers” isn’t jobbing? #mybad #havenotwatchedafullshowsincerawinchitown

      • Tessi

        It does totally suck. Alberto Del Rio, in comparison to John Cena didn’t even do anything wrong. If anyone deserves to be released from WWE for being unprofessional, antagonistic, insulting, getting into altercations with other WWE employees, Superstars and people in the audience, that’d be John Cena.

        • theequalizer

          You are an Idiot! Do you even know what the heck you are talking about? John Cena is upstanding and does not hit employee’s

          • Jz-er

            You’re being disrespectful and talking sh*t again. About others and you’re making WWE look awful. As if it isn’t bad enough that John Cena is being portrayed as being a good guy….with his pathetic feud vs. Brock Lesnar @ SummerSlam which has turned into an absolute abomination.
            John Cena has harmed me intentionally emotionally and mentally in more ways than one.
            So why can’t he be sued for that and be fired for doing that to people who watch WWE?!
            John Cena is getting away with antagonizing me again and is insulting people who watch WWE and that are in WWE.
            That totally sucks he doesn’t get retribution or consequences for it and be pemanently released from WWE.
            He hits people mentally and physically.
            Take for example the fact that he bullied Josh Matthews and hit him for just asking him a question in an interview.
            Not to ,mention the fact that he’s said and done disrespectful things and mocked on people in WWE that were facing against him in matches.

        • Guest

          What banned substances are you putting into your system?

          • Jz-ur

            Orton is being blamed for things and people are looking to get him and other WWE Superstars in trouble. What the hell can be done about it?? Something ought to be done about it!
            This stuff happening sucks!!!

    • Wall

      sucks to see people fired… but i wasnt a fan… so… yeah

    • Da gadfadda

      He layeth the pimp hand where needed. Cant blame a brotha for slap a ho or keep punks in line. Bitchs be trippin.

    • Brian

      Fuck em. He blows and is boring anyway

    • Joseph James

      My second favorite heel, damn gonna miss you Del Rio

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