Breaking News: Kazarian Done With TNA

Posted by Matt Boone May 11, 2014 18 Comments

Frankie Kazarian is the latest high-profile star to end his run with TNA.

Kazarian had been with TNA on and off for over a decade, competing in the first-ever Ultimate-X match back in 2003. He’s a former X-Division and Tag-Team Champion. He also wrestled as the masked wrestler Suicide and was most recently a part of the Bad Influence tag team along with Christopher Daniels, who also left TNA this month.

According to one source, Saturday night’s TNA ‘One Night Only’ pay-per-view taping was the final appearance for the long-time veteran.

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    • Yep

      Over / under on how long the company stays afloat before it either collapses under the weight of its own failure OR Spike pulls the plug on it w/ no more TV rights? My guess: August.

    • Undertaker316

      Will the last person to leave TNA please turn off the lights

    • Tazz

      If tna gets a new tv deal it will only be because spike failed to get Monday Night Raw (sources say USA resigned with them). Tna is horrible

    • D

      Meh, it’s just Kazarian. He was the sidekick in a mediocre team at best. No big deal.

      • ZED87

        Mediocre team??? Let me guess, 13 year old kid?

        • D

          Nope. I’ve just seen their act before. The other company has it, it’s called Santino Marella. And that’s what you call a comedy jobber act that can wrestle a little, a “mediocre team”…

          • ZED87

            So u haven’t really seen them wrestle since u think kaz & daniels can wrestle a “little” and are in same wrestling league as santino. Comedy act, sure. But not retarded like santino’s act. They were 2 of the best wrestlers TNA has ever seen. Plz don’t disrespect a real wrestler if u haven’t seen them much in the ring. Thanks

            • D

              Kazarian has always been a sidekick. He was Matt Bentley’s second banana and all that guy had was a superkick, the chick with the big tits and a relation to Shawn Michaels. And Christopher Daniels is at least entertaining as Curry Man. Everything else, can’t take him seriously.

            • #тroopaтнeѕcoop

              Kaz never been a sidekick lol. only up until his last run with Daniels

            • D

              He was Matt Bentley’s sidekick, when all the fans were doing the Bentley Bounce. He was a third/fourth banana in Raven’s little “Serotonin” group. He’s been Daniels’ sidekick since they put them together. The man’s been nothing BUT a sidekick.

            • ZED87

              The thing that irritated me was when you called Kaz & Daniels a mediocre team and that they can just wrestle a “little” and compared their comedy routines with Santino’s. I can agree to your points a little cuz Kaz has been a sidekick in his later run with TNA. In his early days he was one of the big guy for TNA’s X-division. He and Bentley held the X-Division title together as co champs and never played sidekick to him. Matt Bentley / Michael Shane was somewhat Roman Reigns of TNA. Not very talented in the ring but had family heritage so must be pushed (Though Bentley > Reigns in wrestling terms). Serotonin was all about Raven. Neither Kaz, Bentley or Devine were important in that group. Moreover that group lasted for about 1 year and FYI, it was Kaz who went on to beat Raven (Yes Raven) that led to the faction ending.

              My point is do not just throw a statement in the air like that. Kaz & Daniels are better in-ring performers than most of the superstars WWE and TNA has right now and surely they can do more than just wrestle a “little”

            • D

              By the time he hit TNA, Raven was beyond useless. He was good for a nostalgia pop and a funny mask to lead a group of freaks. Worked in the past, not so much in TNA. So Kaz beating Raven means about as much as the dozens of people that beat on Dreamer during his last few rounds in the big leagues.
              Daniels and his little buddy are alright. But to go out and act like these guys are still foundation-of-a-company material? Sorry but no. And like I said, Curry Man was at least amusing. SRS Daniels or Kaz is just meh. Go out and run your moveset and call it a night. Nine times out of ten, I don’t even notice them.

      • chrissi calvert

        ARE YOU FOR REAL? Kaz was one of the better wrestlers on TNAs roster! They are letting him go but keeping on the crap wrestlers like Jessie Godderz, Kenny King & not to mention the 3 MMA guys that havent been used in forever

    • TNAspelledBackwardsIsANT

      TNA is loosing wrestlers just about every week now. Good long time wrestlers are being ignored infavor of keeping bland and boring “new” talent. I remember when the crowd would get into the product and the wrestlers put on a good show. Now the crowds are thinning and have become silent. TNA is loosing good wrestlers, crowd attendance dwindling and ratings are dropping rapidly. Its like watching the end of WCW all over again. Dixie has to be on every tv episode with segments that last longer than the actual matches. Russo is all used up and failing horribly at coming up with original storylines. Hell, you see more moronic and pointless rockstar spud and Dixie gibbering than anything else. I hope TNA will get their shit straight but truth be told it may be too late.

      • LordOfDarkness

        You do know Russo has not been part of the company since 2/2012. But otherwise I agree

      • Guest

        They’re “loosing” wrestlers?

    • I’m in Kindergarten!!!

      Boys have a penis. Girls have a vagina.

    • #тroopaтнeѕcoop

      Oh I forgot this site is Pro WWE so the corny balls down below will bash TNA for any little reason lol

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