Breaking News: Brooke Hogan Fired By TNA

Posted by Matt Boone August 16, 2013 24 Comments

The “talent” releases continue in TNA – and Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke is the latest casualty.

There was some buzz going around the WWE locker room on Thursday that Brooke was gone from TNA – and the story was confirmed by multiple sources in TNA on Friday afternoon.

We’ll have more on this breaking story over the weekend here at 24Wrestling – and it what it means for Hulk Hogan’s TNA future. WWE SummerSlam Results Center!

  • Undertaker316

    now all tna needs to do is fire hulk hogan and eric bischoff

    • Steven Harris

      Dang, you got there before me.

    • pwnez

      I’m honestly surprised they fired Brooke but this is a good surprise.

  • charles

    fire hulk hogan and put double j in charge

  • Marshall Mathers

    now fire that bum hogan and that bum bischoff and cut kurt angle and jeff hardy so they can return to wwe ;)

    • DimTooC

      Angle has even said before he doesnt see a WWE return anytime. Hardy tho said he’s willing to maybe return

      • Marshall Mathers

        people change there mind like underwear lol

        • nygman

          Angle isnt a ‘pg’ guy though , hes an ass kicker and the best in the business , oh its real , ITS DAMN REAL

          • Marshall Mathers

            the only ass kicker is brockkkkkkkk lesssssnnnarrrr

  • Darth

    This is a good first step to recovery.

  • Karen Keener

    Don’t get your hopes up…No other wrestling site has posted this info. Her picture is still up on the TNA website as part of the roster also….I personally hope it’s true though

    • loosenuts

      Actually it is also reported on

      • Karen Keener

        Since I posted this, I have also seen it posted on a few sites confirming her release :)

  • Sammy Hill

    na na na na na na na na hey hey hey GOODBYE

  • Sammy Hill


  • George Flegel

    Hopefully Hulk and Bischoff are next so TNA can fix the mess they have made for the last couple of years.

  • Michael

    “Poor Brooke. She was such a good worker and had so much potential” said no one ever

  • Derp.

    Seems like I am the only one here who isn’t happy about Brooke leaving. The storyline between Bully and Brooke wasn’t even close to ending, in fact it was just recently starting to unfold a little more. They really dropped the ball there, I also thought it was great to have a manager over the Knockouts division. It sucks to see her leave.

  • ZED87

    One hogan down. One to go. I second the commentor who said “Double J to take over.”

  • Taio Smalls

    Fire Hogan & Bischoff and bring the 6 sided ring, they’ll bring old fans back like myself.

  • TheMachineX2

    Good Brooke is gone that’s a start, She was just too young, green and needed acting lessons. Hogan needs to stay off the tv show for a year plus, I like Bischoff, he is good for creative and tv production. Problem is that people are sick of seeing Hogan all the time. Have the Aces and Eights take out Hogan – put him on the shelf for a year plus, etc.

  • Bray Wyatt

    if her last name wasn’t hogan she’d have never had a job to begin with. i wonder what she will do now?

    • tboner69

      I heard playboy was hireing,,,,,lol

  • joker77


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