Breaking News: Carter Family Looking To Sell TNA?

Posted by Matt Boone October 28, 2013 33 Comments

According to a new report by Dave Meltzer and, The Carter Family is looking to sell TNA Impact Wrestling.

Meltzer noted on his “Wrestling Observer Radio Show” on Saturday that The Carter’s are looking to sell the company, and have been “for a while now.” Meltzer also noted that there is a lot of “big things” going on behind-the-scenes right now as far as the future ownership of the company, but the bottom line is, they are basically looking to sell it to the highest bidder.

One report claims that some of the people interested in buying TNA from the Carter’s include Eric Bischoff, Jeff Jarrett, Viacom and possibly even World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

We should have more details on this breaking story on Monday morning.

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    • debra

      not the wwe.

    • beats4life

      yes the wwe.TNA will fall like wcw

    • tak161

      Actually, I hope Bischoff buys it. If he is away from Hogan, Bischoff can be very creative. I always hoped he would have been able to buy WCW, so maybe this could be his second chance.

      Jarrett is probably the likely option though, seeing as it was his creation. Although with WWE’ s desire to own tape libraries, I could see Vince buying TNA for that reason alone.

      • TheMachineX2

        I agree Bischoff is pretty good with storylines mostly when it comes to creating gang factions.i.e. now , Aces and Eights. As a TNA fan I’m so tired of seeing Hogan, Sting, and even Angles drunk rehab ass out there every week.

        • tak161

          I don’t have much of a problem with Sting, him being my all time favorite. However, I would prefer him in a role to help establish the younger guys, which I guess he is doing, some of the time at least. With Angle, he is damn good, but it’s becoming the same thing over and over again in the ring. It’s time for him to hang it up and get his life straight. Hogan, he just needs to go away. He has sucked the air out of everyone in TNA, and has given them nothing in return, except for a low bank account. He’s good for limited appearances when it could mean something, but not every week, 6-8 times per show.

    • tony

      Goodbye TNA, hopefully Vince buys the whole crap

      • KennyD

        NO : We don’t need Vince buying another wrestling company and then scuttling it like he did WCW and ECW …
        What we NEED is for Jeff Jarrett, Shane McMahon, or even Viacom to buy the company and make it a competitor to the WWE …. COMPETITION among wrestling promotions is what keeps pro wrestling interesting and affordable to the fans …

        • Ice

          ROH is better to compete against WWE than TNA..TNA went down the drain,,it once could of competed against WWE but after 2010 with the changes, everything went falling down.

      • yoyo

        WWE is interesting in buying it only for their video collection. Sting, Hardy, Steiners, Dudleys, and more past WWE talent have had incredible matches in TNA. It would be sad to see Impact go, buy the Carters and Spike made too many mistakes.

    • TheMachineX2

      Sell ? just a few months ago this web site was reporting that Dixie said TNA was never for sale or would never be for sale. As far as WWE buying nothing could be worse for the wrestling industry look at what happened to Wrestling viewership after WWE bought WCW til this day it still hasn’t recovered. While would WWE need to buy TNA anyway when they could just hire all of its good talent? What TNA needs to realize is that real wrestling fanes are tired of seeing Hogan and Sting every week this guys are long passed their primes, stop with corn ball storylines like Eric Young and Joseph Park . people want to see bad ass wrestling!

      • Troy Bennett

        ur forgetting wwewill never market to people only to elementary schoolers and soccer moms so if ur a male between 14 and 114 theres no wrestling marketed towards 80% of the wwes viewers in america ive even tried finding dragon gate aaa NJPW ROH on tv and cant find it bc im sick of super cena and tna waisting 45 mins in the opening seg with hogan and dixie

        • Ice

          You said “will never market to people only to elementary schoolers and soccer moms” and not to long ago they had marketed to teenagers and adults

          • Guest

            Actually they still do market to teens and adults the problem is that some of these attitude era marks vision of reality is different from everybody else’s which causes them to believe that the only people watching WWE today are children & women. Under the mistaken pretense that those groups never were invested in wrestling until 6-7 years ago.

        • Susan Jordine

          I watch ROH every week. And TCW.

      • Dan Nighteowl

        What killed WWE was Linda M. running for the senate not buying WCW .

    • Jose Batista

      Its about time. Eric Bishoff needs to realize he dosen’t have it no more. The only reason why WCW did great is because Vince made half of those other wrestlers back then. Hence, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Kevin Nash. He also had Ted Truner giving out money like nothing. I hope that Dixe Carter sells it to WWE because it will do justice to guys like Aries, Kurt Angle Bobby Roode. Aries would do great in wwe so would a Roode vs Cm Punk match. Point is what killed TNA is when Hulk came in and said were going to monday’s and competeing with the WWE. That’s why Vince never pancked never thought that Tna was competioin. I feel that if Paul Heyman along with someone like a Jim Ross would have went to tna instead of Eric Bishoff. It would be different. Anytime you have Bubba Ray Dudley as your champion you have MAJOR problems.

      • Guest

        Having Bubba Ray as champion isn’t as awkward as having Bobby Roode aschampion

    • True

      I sense a “Rise And Fall of TNA” DVD will come out in the near future

    • KennyD

      I’d like to seee Jeff Jarrett buy it back OR even Shane McMahon step in and purchase the company …

      • mark

        im with that then it would be mcmahon vs mcmahon i think with shanes yrs of ex he could vary well take it to wwe’s ass

    • Matt Rayfield

      I highly doubt Shane McMahon would buy TNA, he only bought WCW back in the day because it was a storyline. The only way it would have been believe able that he actually bought TNA is if he bought it out and did go to a different TV Channel then Spike TV.
      So I would rather see Jeff Jarrett buy his company back, go back to Orlando FL, Start TNA back with new ideas, keep the option open for the 6 sided ring, drop the carter vs AJ Styles storyline and or just drop the Dixie part of it and replace it with Double J and have the feud end with AJ returning to TNA and have double j welcome AJ back with open arms after that. Also bring back the TV Title get more Women in TNA’s Knockouts division and build up new stars. Sting vs Magnus at Bound for Glory was a good start even if the match was not perfect. Also at least Sting was putting Magnus over too. Guys like Roode who still have room for improvement can still help build new talents in case they get signed else where too.
      TNA can still be saved much like WCW could have, but Ted Turner wanted out of the wrestling business and Vince wanted WCW so the rest was history there. I highly doubt he’d want TNA even at this stage so it won’t happen.
      As for Easy E Eric Bischoff he still can’t afford to own a wrestling company and run Bischoff-Harvey productions with his co owner, owning TNA is out of the question there.
      So the logical choice would be Jeff Jarrett since he originally founded TNA to begin with. Also most recently Jeff has been working as a Road Agent to find new talent too. No one else could help TNA start over better then the guy who founded TNA to begin with. I already mentioned what Jeff could do to start TNA over.
      ROH if you have cable comes on the THIS Channel on Fridays. I hear that they are starting to get better so I might check them out.
      But TNA still has a chance to live on too. They need to go back to what their name says and be Total Nonstop Action.

    • Shawn Moon

      TNA is dead they had an op to succeed but instead went for terrible Story lines. instead of promoting there stars they gave Ray the Title. Are yu serious. PPV will not give them a slot. NO PPV No chance. Joe will prob go to WWE. maybe AJ also. Hulk ended TNA. then he abandoned ship.

    • Lucas Tupper


    • FightFan

      Maybe if they had stuck to the way things had been 3-4 years ago, this would be happening a few years later…but who knows?

    • Beatlebomb

      I would hope that TNA will survive. It has been very good for years now. Aces and Eights could still be awesome if done correctly. They need to use Knux better. He is huge and could be a very believable biker dude who could be a great enforcer if given the chance. Magnus has a lot of potential and of course Aires is extremely talented. Aces and Eights needs a rebirth with some new members and the rivalry with Bully ray.

      • Peace and Freedom Guy

        Ace and Eights needs a rebirth? Lol, oh gawd no. Leave that mess to the garbage can of history.

    • anthony

      tna had something good when they had the 6 sided ring and bring in younger stars and there doing more lucha libre plus the ppv’s were great everything was different from wwe and then tna starting to bring in hogan and bitschoff and everyone knows
      hogan is obsessed with wwe and tries to do everything wwe does and his big ego tna should of brought in pual heyman or keep jim cornette on the creative team and keep dixie out of the camera’s

      • Guest

        Heyman owning TNA would be just Heyman owning ECW, Heyman having creative input would be like Heyman having input in WWE/ECW

    • yoyo

      WWE’s newest DVD: Rise and Fall of TNA starring Hulk Hogan!!


      Erik The Ungrateful Midget from Howard Stern fame wants to buy TNA the little shit.

    • SouthSide

      I can pretty much guarantee that right now Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, & Triple H are all LAUGHING at this rumor. Vince should come in and buy the company to just fire Jeff Jarrett(AGAIN) on live television!

    • Derp

      Where is Kage to lick Dixie and Hulk’s nuts and say “oh you people have been saying this for so long”? Well, it’s finally happening. RIP TNA.

    • qoekiek16

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