Breaking News: CM Punk Quits WWE

Posted by Brad Davis January 29, 2014 51 Comments

Former WWE Champion CM Punk is taking an indefinite hiatus from WWE.

Punk met with management on Monday before RAW and informed them of his decision to take time off. Punk’s WWE contract expires in July and has been very vocal about the possibility of leaving for good this summer. We’re told that his decision to leave is not due to an injury, but because he is unhappy with the handling of his character and the overall direction of the company.

Punk had been scheduled to wrestle Triple H at WrestleMania, but is no longer expected to work the show and is no longer advertised for any upcoming live events. He’s stated in multiple interviews that his one remaining goal in WWE was to main event WrestleMania. In recent months it became clear that he was not going to be part of the main event this year. He’s also said to be very frustrated with WWE bringing in part-time wrestlers (The Rock, Brock Lesnar, Batista) and giving them main event programs instead of the guys who have been working full-time for years and giving the company everything they have.

We reported on Monday that WWE had completely overhauled the script for this week’s RAW, which was not completed until an hour or two before the show went on the air. The rewrites were partially due to the huge negative reaction to the Royal Rumble pay-per-view, however it was CM Punk’s announcement to management that he was leaving that also caused a lot of the changes.

There are some reports that Punk was scheduled to wrestle Antonio Cesaro on RAW in an Elimination Chamber qualifying match, which would have seen Cesaro defeat Punk with help from Kane. Punk was not backstage at RAW and he was not backstage at Tuesday’s SmackDown tapings

Punk has been working through several nagging injuries over the course of the last year and has overall been very unhappy with the reality that WWE no longer sees him as “the guy.”

(Information from the Wrestling Observer was used in this report)

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    • Undertaker316

      i really hope this is a work but i can see why cm punk left the company with all these part timers coming in a stealing the spotlight from the full time wrestlers it just isnt fair if he did leave he will most likely return back to roh

      • Celia Love

        I understand his reasoning, and agree with his points, but really wish he was not leaving, love him, will miss him and if he absolutely is leaving would love his last match be at wrestlemania, against Triple H, after everything he has done in his career and for the company, he totally deserves to go out with a win of that magnitude

      • Undertaker316

        actually now that im thinking about it this could totally be a work because who would out on a wrestlemania paycheck and a top star like cm punk it would be a big paycheck, even stone cold waited until the day after wm to leave and a guy who is outspoken like cm punk would most likely do a shoot promo on raw before leaving and think about who cm punk is in a rivalry with triple h this is most likely being done a publicity stunt to promote cm punk vs hhh at wm 30

        • Hector Naranjo

          Lets hope

        • kiko

          I think it’s just wishful thinking on our part with hoping that this is a work. He wasn’t gonna renew his contract before the pipe bomb deal, and they turned it into a story line. We can only hope they will do the same but again, wishful thinking at best. If he legitimately left, I don’t blame him, but WWE won’t be the same.

        • A real fan

          Except you forgot one thing. With the WWE network launching, the talent have no idea how this will affect their PPV pay checks. Also, CM Punk has stated that he has wisely saved his money and lives a pretty simple lifestyle, so he doesn’t need the money. I’d also like to think CM Punk is a guy that would put his beliefs and principles before a WM pay check.

          Part of me would like it to be a work, but another part of me wants it to be real. To quote the man is question, “CM Punk is just another spoke of the wheel.” How WWE react to this will truly underline this quote and nothing will change.

          Unless he pursues a career in MMA, I can’t predict what’s next for Punk. He’s better than the indies, he has spoke badly about TNA and he doesn’t have the typical leading man look or attitude. The next few weeks should be interesting.

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    • joker77


      • hootrs23

        bye bye, felicia!

    • boobook

      Good for him. They replaced a legit wrestler with great personality, with a roid freak with little wrestling ability and no personality. The WWE does not deserve CM Punk or Daniel Bryan. I hope he ends up leaving as well. Let’s see if the WWE can survive with part-time overrated guys, and booking John Cena twice in one night. Maybe then they’ll appreciate their talent. Booo, WWE, booo.

      • Troy Bennett

        id love to see punk v bryan danielson in wwe

    • Coraje187

      With TNA signing a lot of people who WWE lets go he would be a great for them. It won’t happen but would be great for them.

      • Undertaker316

        cm punk has said before that he would never sign with tna especially the state tna is in right now he will most likely go back to ring of honor

        • Troy Bennett

          u do know punk use to be in tna with a guy who i work with rick michaels

          • GobbledyGooker781

            Everyone knows…and that is why Punk hates TNA, lol.

        • Coraje187

          Yeah but with the American Wolfs it would be cool to see. Not saying it will because I know it won’t. I think they would still pay more than ROH.

    • Chris_Is_Awesome

      haha, finally wwe reaches the goal that wcw couldn’t: destroy the wwe.

      fu(k hunter

      CM Punk

    • Hector Naranjo

      Goodluck to Punk, who but him would leave right before WM30, great way to make a statement, that’s why I’m a big fan if his.

    • bleek

      Kane screwed PUNK at the rumble!!!

    • Mike

      It’s called making a statement.. All these part time guys like he said are getting main event spots. Yes, grant it they did put their time in but, come on. You wouldn’t do a 464 day title run and then not give someone a fn spot at the main event? Like really? What’s the deal HHH and his shitty wife are messing up the wrestling business and this isn’t what ppl want. Daniel Bryan come on over the course of 20yrs of watching wrestling there hasn’t been many pop stars that can draw the crowd. I mean come on Stone Cold, The Rock, Taker, Hogan, guys like that were big but, someone like Bryan to get the entire crowd not just some the whole CROWD into a YES Chant I mean c’mon here. I’m sure this is all a story line for bigger things with certain stars just to see how long they can hold the crowd behind them and keep moving forward. However, Batista giving the finger to the crowd when the PPV was over should make the office guys see that he doesn’t give a shit. Lesnar, I feel has more respect for something to which others don’t. So, I can clearly understand the frustration Punk is probably under because of shit like this. WWE needs to wake up they will always have their fans for the next 50-100 more years or whatever, but, there aren’t always gonna have the big stars like they did and what they have no so they really need to stop treating those ppl like assholes. If someone wants that spot give em to em he’s proved it for how long. However, you give the Rock the title and to end the streak of punk shit they could of did that better. I wonder how much punk got extra for that bc i’m sure he wasn’t happy.

      So keep it up Vince and your WWE network won’t be shit without the fans, I already heard cable providers are dropping em because of it. More things to come but, yet you fail to look in the direction of the ppl like everyone says you do but, I don’t see it. Good or bad fan favorite or heel we like all of em no matter what they are we just enjoy wrestling remember that..

      • Will $teel

        u “heard cable providers are dropping em.” U obviously dont kno shit then. WWE network was NEVER goin 2 b on cable, purely internet. Damn u got some good sources

        • Zachattack

          Will, its u that dont kno $hit. Multiple cable providers have indicated they’ll drop all WWE pay perviews because they’ll be available for free in the monthly cost of wwe network.

          • Will $teel

            lol love how u spelled it “$hit.” n it was a simple misunderstandin i thought he was talkin bout the wwe network not the ppvs that r already goin on. Besides cable providers r all about $$$ n do u honestly believe their goin 2 drop the PPVs just to spite WWE? That means losing revenue n I cant see that happenin. Its called a bluff.

        • Mike

          You dumbass!!! Cable providers dropping WWE not the network.. Where does it state that I said it was going to be on cable. Providers like Direct TV & Comcast. They were going to drop em. No PPV revenue for them means no money. That’s why they were going to do that. Before you make assumption why don’t you read and understand what I wrote. Therefore you don’t know nothing and YES!!! YES!!! I have good sources..

          • Will $teel

            lol someone got upset over nothing jeez. N if YOU would of read the other comments I already said it was a misunderstanding. You were talkin bout the WWE network, then in the same exact sentence u said “heard cable providers are droppin em.” Do u not realize how that can misunderstood? If not you are mentally challenged. “Therefore you don’t know nothing” thats a double negative and in fact means I know something. You keep making yourself look smarter and smarter LOL

            • Hi My Name Is $tee|

              Your a fn moron.. Nothing you just said makes any fn sense.. No where did I say anything that just shit out your mouth.. Figures people like you put big words into a sentence to act smart mean while your sitting at home with no job and sit on forums all day to act like he actually knows something. When in fact your dumbass doesn’t know shit. Take that to those big words to the employment line and use them for something that matters.. Obviously, to you it seems more intelligent to you to talk shit when in fact everything we all do here is hear say. Forums are created for a chat session not a know it all and shoot down peoples opinions but, hey Will $tee| knows it all. Mean while he can’t even spell his name right.. Asshole..

            • Will $teel

              It is so ironic that u said “your a fn moron” when it should have been “you’re.” Like I said before you keep making yourself look smarter and smarter. I tried reading the rest of YOUR (that is how you use that in a sentence) paragraph but the grammar was so terrible it hurt my brain. “No where did I say anything that just shit out your mouth.” That sentence right there is remarkably retarded. So you are saying that you never even posted a comment in the first place and that none of this even exists? LOL yea ok. Like Damien Sandow says, there is no winning an argument with an ignoramus. YOU’RE WELCOME

            • LOL

              LMAO!!! Don’t quit your day job bro..

    • Blametripleh

      Ok theres a perfectly good reason he left and it wasnt kanes fault. It was Hunters!!!

    • Matt Rayfield

      TNA is in worse shape then most would think or even believe, Sting and AJ, Styles were TNA and with TNA forcing talents to take pay cuts, People like Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, Sting who is now gone, Kurt Angle will be gone soon, Bobby Roode, James Storm, and anyone else like Abyss who all made TNA will be gone. The only reason Gail Kim is still around is because of the way the WWE used her. The end is very near for TNA and it is not very pretty by the way either.

    • AustrianWWEfan

      Oh great. Now almost all the really good Wrestlers have gone: Edge, Y2J and now CM Punk?! The only one i like to see on Tv right now is Daniel Bryan……but WWE should think and change something because otherwise all the big Names will leave and it´s not fun watching anymore. Hope they start to think about some things…….

    • JayRoz1982

      I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss the idea of CM Punk going to TNA…I mean let’s think about this as business people. TNA just recently freed up a lot of cash flow with departures and talent cuts. They just signed the Wolves to contracts from ROH and let’s be honest, with their look on bringing in new talent to push the envelope CM Punk albeit an established name, is still young enough to fit in and is a huge name…could you imagine how big it would be for them to give him a good paycheque and creative input…I mean if TNA announced that CM Punk was now on their roster would you not watch? Think about it. I know I would tune in more. And if CM Punk went to TNA imagine who would follow…like Hogan in the 90’s going to WCW it started a migration of WWF guys to the south…I personally think that if TNA could somehow get Punk then there would be a lot more guys from around the wrestling world not just WWE guys that would sign. Think how TNA would look with CM Punk, The Wolves, Colt Cabana, Bryan Danielson, Prince Devitt, Michael Elgin, Mike Bennett, El Generico…of course all repackaged, and of course this is purely fictional (that means made up for all you in the IWC) but imagine the landscape…I mean shoot, TNA would actually be interesting especially if they really focused on the new blood coming in and pushed guys like Austin Ares, Bobby Roode, Old School Abyss, Bully Ray etc. etc. into great feuds with these guys. I mean think of a storyline with Bully Ray vs CM Punk….Great matches, great promos…it would be a win win. And I’m not a TNA fan all that much, I would just love to see them do something…anything that could cause WWE to try a little harder.

      • George Flegel

        Punk would be a great catch for TNA since AJ Styles left. Punk would do well there and would push TNA to new heights. If Dixie is smart, she’ll go after Punk and perhaps lure Styles back. That would be epic!

    • Anglea Wright

      i quit watching wwe cause its all brutality not entertainment. my favorite used to be triple h but hes become a suit not a wrestler anymore hes a pansy he gets the shield and the other heels of the wrestling ring to do his dirty deeds. the show is no good anymore and if punk leaves im almost certian that i wont be watching ever again.

    • Stacer

      Everyone is forgetting that Jeff Jarrett is working in the background….

      • Will $teel

        punks gonna sign wit jarrett’s new wrestling business n become what TNA should have become

      • George Flegel

        This would be a perfect time for Jarrett to resurrect WCW. With Punk as one of their main guys, they would be a force to be reckoned with.

    • Derp

      Good going WWE. Bringing in a leather purse who is no longer relevant. Nobody cares about Boretista anymore. Now who do you guys have? The only main eventer you have is Cena and Orton. You have Bryan, but you guys can’t write for anyone else besides Cena and Orton apparently.

      Way to continue to drop the ball.

    • Shockmaster

      It’s kind of sad, Batista looked so awkward (more than he ever did) in the ring at the Royal Rumble, he’s an old, not-so-great-wrestler turned actor who came back and won the Rumble in his first match back and now gets to headline WrestleMania.

      Punk made a great statement last year by putting on one of the greatest matches in recent Raw history with John Cena (of all people) when they decided to go with him vs. the Rock in the main event instead and was no where near as good.

      With Batista winning the Royal Rumble and Daniel Bryan not being involved in any capacity so far, I think the WWE *may* realise that they need to change things, so that they don’t end-up having a terrible match that gets booed out of the building in the biggest event of the year.

      I understand the money/publicity benefits, but I still think it’s crazy that this overrides young, fit, technically good wrestlers who the fans are very much behind over old, mediocre/bad wrestlers who get booed.

    • Rog

      Not only WWE is putting Punk or D-Bryan aside for these overrated part-time guys (even though I like Lesnar) but their putting great talents aside because they don’t have the size they think is “best for business”, guys like Dolph Zigler, Miz (wich was a much better champion than Cena), Cody Rhodes, they already Ted DiBiase Jr go, R-Truth never got a fair chance, hell there are some names you don’t even hear about anymore that could have a shot a something!!!! Sure Shield and Wyats are been cool to watch but this company won’t survive only on them. Punk and Bryan got the fans on their side and got to be the faces of WWE but Vince, HHH and their weird board of directors won’t let it get bigger again. Punk’s absolute right on quitting and right now I really hope Bryan quits as well, hell even Romen Reigns!!

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says Punk is one of the few reasons I still watch the WWE. I agree that the Rock, RVD, Batista & Lesnar have got big contracts with a soft workload while the others guys like Punk & Bryan are busting their asses every night. If Punk leaving is 100% on the up & up, then thanks for the entertaining matches & promos. But there’s a little part of P.P. Johnny that’s telling him this is a WORK.
      Btw, Punk, if you are leaving for good, please take your skanky girlfriend, AJ, with you.

      • Will $teel

        but i love skanks….

    • Rachel

      I’m thinking its a work cause I’m on and Punk is still up for the Wrestlemania signings.

    • SG05

      Sucks that CM Punk is gone BUT i do understand his Frustration. I didnt want Batista to win the Rumble BUT obviously what WWE thinks is good for business is the Wrong Business, this is just a 1st step into seeing how many other superstars will come out and disagree with what exes are doing at WWE.. only time will tell….

    • Jen

      I agree with Punk about the part time guys coming in or making returns and automatically getting main event spots. I don’t think it’s fair. There are too many guys there and they bust their butts week after week and don’t get the credit they deserve. I hope it’s not a definite leave. I will miss Punk. He’s one of the best in the company.

    • HottRoddTX

      hope CM Punk goes back to ROH. He’s 100% right. Most of the talent that deserve World Title shots r stuck in the midcard for years while untalented overrated suckas r getting holding the title 2-3 times a year. I hope Daniel Bryan leaves too. I hope Dolph Ziggler, R-Truth, Cesaro, Kofi, Sin Cara, Usos, Xavier Woods, and Fandango leave and jump ships to either TNA or ROH.

    • George Flegel

      Awe once again shows how well it appreciates its employees. Punk is one of their best, along with Daniel Bryan, and deserved better as of late. WTF r Orton and Cena on top all the time? WTF r they bringing back part-timers and has-beens (like Nash and the NAO)? DUMB DUMB DUMB

    • jason z

      there needs to be some serious investors to create a serious contender organization like may take some time like 5-10 years but as long as the wwe being the only major wrestling organization. wrestling guys that work their butts off every single night like punk and bryan and kingston will always take a back seat to the old workhorses,,austin,rock,nash,batista,lesnar,etc..thats why i hated when mcmahon bought wcw because i knew wrestling as i known it was over

      • P.P. Johnny

        P.P. Johnny misses the days of regional promotions. There was the WWF, NWA, AWA, USWA/World Class, UWF, Stampede, Mid-South, Mid-Atlantic, Florida Championship & ICW just to name a few. The point is there was great competition to get the best wrestlers for the respective federations. Good competition is always better than a stale monopoly.

    • Ryinshin Engreso

      yeah he’s being treated like shit, given shitty storylines.
      Punk is more deserving than Batista to win the Rumble match.

    • TheMachineX2

      He needs a change of venue to further cement his legacy. He can always return to wwe, look at Jeff Hardy- he does it a lot. If Punk went to TNA that would be HUGE as well as great for the industry. wwe can be the big conglomerate but the industry needs the small ops too.

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