Breaking News: CM Punk Undergoes Emergency Knee Surgery

Posted by Brad Davis December 4, 2012 15 Comments

WWE Champion is currently undergoing surgery on his knee in Pensacola, Florida, the official WWE website has announced.

WWE states that after Ryback drove Punk through a table on Raw, The Straight Edge Superstar took a late night flight to Florida for an emergency consultation with Dr. James Andrews. A review of his condition resulted in Punk undergoing immediate surgery today.

WWE says they will provide an update on Punk’s surgery when it’s available.

Update On CM Punk’s Surgery & His Status For TLC

As we reported here last week on, CM Punk has been dealing with a knee injury for several weeks now. He’s been seen limping around backstage and has been working through the pain as one of the companies top work-horses. As for how long Punk will remain out of action, it remains to be seen exactly what the surgery was for and how damaged his knee was.

WWE typically overstates how long talent will be out of action after an injury, so we’ll follow up with our own update on how long Punk will be out. He’s still expected to wrestle The Rock at the Royal Rumble in 6 weeks and there are no signs at this time that he won’t be able to compete at the show.

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    • paul heyman guy

      well 380. tied cena

      • Robert

        He’ll break it tomorrow. It’s not like they’re going to take the belt off him today.

        • Mr 561


    • Lou Stein


    • jjones22

      380 is a hell of an accomplishment. im sure its its as severe as it sounds, i say ryback will beat punk, and if cena wins the mitb case from ziggler, have cena cash in and do cena vs rock at the rumble

      • Robert

        Isn’t Ziggler’s MitB title shot just for the Heavyweight Championship?

        • jjones22

          yeah cause ziggler is a smackdown superstar. but lets say cena does beat him? they will let cena challege for the wwe title

          • Splodey

            No they won’t. Since last year the roster isn’t split anymore, so they won’t change it.

    • Undertaker316

      his finisher the pepsi plunge (which he stopped using when he came to wwe) propably injured his knees a lot over the years

      • jjones22

        i agree with you there

    • CM Venk

      So the Punk vs Rock is off and Ryback Vs Rock is on. Crap crap crap crap! Why God? Why?

    • jjonesy11

      whelp, looks like the title is staying on punk till the rumble. which is fine. let ryback fued with the shield, but keep him in main even scene…just not chasing the wwe title….also, i would personally love to see ziggler beat john cena, and am i the only one that loves the damien sandow character

      • Nicholas Williams

        no the Sandow character is awesome.. I think he has a bright future ahead of hi min WWE….. & personally I would much rather see The Rock vs. CM Punk (c) for the WWE Championship @ WWE Royal Rumble. Also IMO I think Cena should win the MITB ladder match @ TLC and then have Ziggler become the WWE Champion (only if CM Punk needs to take time off from this surgery) on Raw the next night.

        • jjonesy11

          and i completely agree. to be honest, id love to see the rock vs ziggler. that would be an interesting match, considering how well dolph ziggler can sell…id be all for it

    • Bijay Singh

      We want PUNK vs. ROCK

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