Breaking News: Former WWE Superstar Big Daddy V Dead At Age 43

Posted by Matt Boone February 19, 2014 14 Comments

Former WWE Superstar Nelson Frazier (aka Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V) passed away at age 43 on Tuesday. Frazier reportedly died of what has been described as a “massive heart attack.”

The following are some comments from wrestling peers of Frazier’s, who commented on his untimely passing:

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    • Derp

      That’s a bummer. Given his size though…is anyone really surprised? Still, sounds like a great guy. RIP :(

    • Smark Ruffalo

      Wow, I just randomly watched an interview with him on YouTube and a hand full of his old matches (from all of his eras – Mabel/Vis/BDV). I have no idea what spurred it on, I just did. That was a couple weeks ago and now he’s dead. Life is kinda strange… RIP Nelson

      • d

        I honestly did the same thing about a week ago. And I am not, or rather wasn’t a big fan of him. I just watched out of impulse because it was there. Crazy.

        • Viscagra

          So if I enough Cena matches and interviews does that mean…

          • Mr. Plontas

            Thats funny and plontas

    • yoyo

      Not a fan but he left quite a legacy on WWE. R.I.P.

    • joker77

      That’s to Bad RIP Vis everyone should watch their weight esp. wrestlers?

    • Taio Smalls

      I remember playing smackdown vs raw 2007 and booking him against divas so I could use his finisher on them, because it looked like they were having sex.


    • Big Daddy V

      I watched RAW on Monday, and it really was an evening of heart stopping action!!! Then Tuesday came…..

      • Mr. Plontas

        Your mother sucks my dick :) and then I came you faggot!!!

        • Mr. Plontas

          I changed my mind. I think that other comment was funny because I have a sense of humour now.

          • Mr. Plontas

            No, I always had a sense of humor but your mother can suck my dick because that would be plontas anyways… Rest In Peace Big V

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny says that’s sad to hear. Always thought the blond mohawk with silver contacts was an interesting look.

    • Mr. Plontas

      He was honestly one of my favorites, I was always excited when he did come back and I was hoping that he would one day return… He was a plontas wrestler, Rest in Peace Big Daddy V

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