Breaking News: Kaitlyn Released By WWE

Posted by Brad Davis January 8, 2014 18 Comments has announced that former Divas champion Kaitlyn has been released, effective immediately:

“As of Jan. 8, Kaitlyn (Celeste Bonin) will no longer be under contract with WWE. The former Divas Champion has chosen to pursue other endeavors outside the sports-entertainment world.”

“WWE wishes Kaitlyn the best in all her future endeavors.”

Kaitlyn signed a developmental contract with WWE back in 2010 and began training at WWE’s former developmental territory, Florida Championship Wrestling. She won the all-female Season 3 of NXT and made her main roster debut in December 2010. She won her her first and only WWE Divas Championship on the 20th Anniversary episode of RAW last January.

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    • Angelo

      Man…. i hope Kaitlyn asked for it… otherwise WWE is just stupid.
      Do they want JUST Total Divas on their Roster?
      Who’s next? Aj? Paige?

      • Splodeydope

        Don’t worry, she asked for release.

    • Jimmy Struthers

      Ouch! And right before WM 30 too! There has to be much more to this of course. Creative wasn’t using her effectively, so I suppose it was only a matter of time till she got fed up and walked

    • Marc Broner

      I’ve been watching this company, for several years, as a distraction, to my disability. It’s getting much worse. Kaitlyn being released, is a perfect example. The fans, should boycott the WWE, to get their attention. Then maybe they’d listen to us, about likeable characters, that should remain in the company. Who knows when they’ll get it right.

      • Troy Bennett

        well every week raw loses between 500,000 to 800,000 every week this past week raw lost upwards of 760,000 people during one episode of raw

      • Guest

        Makes sense start a boycott of WWE because one of their Divas quit eventhough the Divas division is the least relevant aspect of WWE and has been fi=or a very long time

    • Willie Chong

      all she was a doll and i like her on it ive been waching her since she first got on wwe and she was my favorite female wrestler that i like i don’t want her to leave i want to see her last match and want her to get the diva title before she leaves it would make my year

    • Not Chris Jericho

      What did you promise here Jeff Jarrett?! What?!?

    • RNK

      I really need to know the reason why she left…she was one of the most interesting Divas in a loooooooong time!!!

    • Troy Bennett

      whos kaitlyn? the only wwe divas i can tell apart from every one else is aj all the rest like uhh the bellas and i think thats it well if there is other divas they all look and act the same

      • Guest

        Me thinks you need your eyes examined if you thinj they all look and act them same and if you can’t be bothered to remember any of the divas aside from the Bellas I’ve seen some crappy logic in my time but your’s is absolutely terrible.

    • Derp

      Who cares. One worthless “diva” down, the rest to go. Except Natalya. Keep her and form a new womens division around her.

      • Guest

        Yeah reform a division around the chick who had a farting gimmick and occasionally plays valet for the Great Khali along with Hornswoggle.

    • Hector Naranjo

      She reminded me of Trish, hot and could kick some ass

    • P.P. Johnny

      P.P. Johnny is glad to see Kaitlyn released. She had no talent & couldn’t cut a promo to save her life. The good thing she did in her time in the WWE was give a couple of boob shots. Don’t let the door hit you in your fat caboose as you leave, Kaitlyn.

      • Guest

        None of them cut promos even Natayla can’t them what else is new?

    • DaDirtiest

      She was lettin herself go she was puttin on mad weight

      • Guest

        Muscle isn’t fat plus Zack Ryder’s been letting himself go and no one’s calling him out for out I’ll take gender double standard for $1000 Alex.

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