Breaking News: Kurt Angle Arrested On DWI Charge

Posted by Matt Boone August 2, 2013 16 Comments

TNA Impact Wrestling star Kurt Angle was arrested on a Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charge early Friday morning in Texas. Angle was arrested following the conclusion of the TNA Impact Wrestling broadcast on Spike TV.

The former Olympic gold medalist was booked about an hour outside of Wichita Falls, the site of Thursday’s Impact Wrestling show, in Decatur, Texas at the Wise County Jail.

According to current jail records, this was Angle’s second DWI offense, and he was released on $2,000 bond. After posting bond, local authorities will schedule a trial date.

Below is the mug shot photo from Angle’s arrest on Friday:

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    • Darth

      You’d think he would learn.

    • Jake

      What kind of example for his kids is he? He needs to get his act together. He needs Jesus!

    • Josh


      • Kurt Ankle


        • Ernesto Warmachine De Jesus

          did you have a broken freakin neck?

          • Kurt Angle

            Oh its true, its true…with a broken freaking neck!

    • Ǎ.Ĵ.

      he will never learn

    • Bam Bam

      tsk tsk tsk Kurt

    • BigE216 .

      really dude a second dwl smh

    • P.P. Johnny

      Kurt, as a friend & colleague, P.P.Johnny just wants to say…..Next time you decide to have a few too many, don’t be such as dumbass, take a taxi, the bus, the subway, or walk. Please don’t drive.

    • Ted Gal

      he should stick with milk alcohol is for smart people

    • Guest334787265284959

      Cant really blame him. That episode of Impact would drive anyone to drink.

    • Melodee Pattee

      Kurt you need to get help. This could ruin your life and family. Please get help…….

    • I’ll Give this one to Kurt!

      I think its a joke. He would have to be slamming drinks at the arena to be so intoxicated in under an hour to get pulled over. Not buying it. Texas is a shit state anyway.

    • Luele Ethiopian Prince Kifle

      TWICE????? TWICE????? TWICE????? TWICE?????

    • Kane Maximus

      he was driving… WITH A BROKEN FREAKING NECK!!

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