Breaking: New York Jets Player Signs Deal With TNA is reporting that New York Jets linebacker Bart Scott, who got national attention during the NFL playoffs for cutting a pro wrestling style promo after a game, has signed a deal with TNA to appear at tonight’s iMPACT tapings in Fayetteville, North Carolina. The show will air next Thursday, March 3rd.

Scott’s NFL contract will likely prohibit him from engaging any physical activity, but Scott will be working with Hulk Hogan on camera in TNA.

Following Scott’s post-game wrestling promo that got him so much attention, Hulk Hogan told the New York Daily News that Scott could absolutely have a career in pro wrestling once his football days are over.

“I knew when Bart looked down the barrel of the camera he believed in himself and in what he was saying,” Hogan said. “That makes him a real dangerous man. When his career’s over and he wants to make some real money, tell him to give me a call and we’ll break him in the right way.”

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