Breaking News: Oklahoma Bans Pro Wrestling

The Oklahoma State Athletic Commission has sent out letters to promoters that they will not accept applications for pro wrestling, MMA and boxing events to be held in the state past March 31, which more or less bans the events from legally taking place in the state.

The letter said the Commission is being “threatened” by an “Out of State threat that could greatly affect the Commission’s ability to provide for public safety and for the health and safety of the athletes” competing in the State.

Oklahoma currently taxes PPV buys made by residents 4%, no matter where the events are held. UFC says they plan to sue the Commission to stop the tax. The Commission claims that without the tax, they can’t maintain the overhead needed as an authority. The tax accounts for 2/3rds of their budget. Until the threat of the lawsuit is resolved, all licenses have been revoked, including for events already scheduled.

WWE has a live RAW broadcast set for October 1 in Oklahoma City. The event was scheduled prior to March, so it’s believed that it will go on as planned. Tickets are scheduled to go on sale this summer, for what could be the last wrestling event in the state for quite some time.